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DOJ reviewing decision not to prosecute FBI agents in Nassar case

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The news came from Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee about it Tuesday during a hearing focused on the Violence Against Women Act. US OLYMPIC GYMNASTS SLAM NASSAR INVESTIGATI...

Aly Raisman: FBI agent diminished Nassar abuse, pressured to take deal

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Raisman appeared on NBC’s "Oggi" and was asked to go into further detail about what the FBI agent in question did to make her feel that her trauma "wasn’t that bad." She said the agent, when it was "conveniente" per ...

Former US gymnast calls for ‘follow-throughafter Larry Nassar hearing

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Former US rhythmic gymnast Jessica Howard said Wednesday that she "would really like to see some follow-through" after top US gymnasts gave harrowing testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about how Federal Bur...

Cruz praises courage of US gymnasts testifying about FBI Larry Nassar investigation: ‘System needs to change

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The four gymnasts are among more than a hundred who have accused Nassar of molesting them under the guise of medical treatment while he worked as a doctor for USA Gymnastics and the Michigan State University. While N...

Simone Biles and other elite gymnasts to testify before Congress about FBI’s Larry Nassar investigation

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Washington Four US gymnastics stars will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday during a hearing about the FBI's handling of the sex abuse investigation of former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassa...

McKayla Maroney: I was forced to compete on broken foot thanks to Larry Nassar

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The now-25-year-old — who has said she is among hundreds of victims, including Simone Biles, sexually abused by the former osteopathic physician for USA Gymnastics — opened up about her Olympic experience on Instagra...

Simone Biles alleged abuser Larry Nassar spends $10,000 in prison but avoids paying victims, dice il rapporto

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The revelation emerged Wednesday as U.S. prosecutors asked a judge to order the Federal Bureau of Prisons to transfer all money in Nassar's prison account — about $ 2,000 — to help provide restitution to five victim...

L'accusatore di Larry Nassar afferma che più ragazze avrebbero potuto essere "salvate"’ se non per "errori multipli"’ nel caso dell'FBI

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Rachael Denhollander, 36, ora un avvocato, detto "La storia" che il Bureau ha lasciato cadere la palla più volte nella sua indagine su Nassar, e rivendicato un funzionario dell'FBI "bevuto e cenato" con l'ex USA ormai caduto in disgrazia ...

Justice Department watchdog blasts FBI’s handling of allegations against Larry Nassar

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FBI officials investigating allegations of sexual abuse by disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar violated the agency's policies by making false statements and failing to properly document complaints by the ac...