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Roe v. Wade ruling has Biden administration bracing for nationwide wave of violence

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A May 13 memo from the Department of Homeland Security details ongoing investigations into threats to "burn down or storm" the Supreme Court building. Threats against the court arose last month after a draft majority...

Melania Trump: Nationwide baby formula shortage ‘heartbreaking to see

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"It's heartbreaking to see that [famiglie] are struggling, and the food is not available for children in [il] 21st-century in the United States of America," she told co-host Pete Hegseth. Trump attributed the shorta...

Senate fails to advance bill to guarantee abortion access nationwide

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Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act. It needed 60 votes to advance, but died in a 51 per 49 vote with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin joining with all Rep...

Parents ‘panickingto find baby formula sound alarm on nationwide shortage: ‘Nothing on the shelves

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Emily Stanley's 5-month-old daughter was born prematurely, meaning she has a sensitive stomach and needs special formula. Ma, due to the shortage, Stanley has resorted to feeding her child whatever formula she can f...

Law enforcement officials warn of potential violence in DC and nationwide in wake of Supreme Court draft opinion

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Law enforcement officials in Washington, DC, are bracing for potential security risks posed by reactions to the leaked draft Supreme Court majority opinion that would strike down Roe v. Guadare. An alert generated Thur...

Republicans build momentum as they drive anti-LGBTQ legislation nationwide

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Former President Donald Trump recently likened teaching kids about gender and pronouns to "child abuse." Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis accused his critics of supporting "sexualizing kids in kindergarten." And South D...

NY man cycling across America hits SC, reveals the one religious symbol he’s seen nationwide

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NEW YORK MAN BICYCLING TO ALL 50 STATES MEETS LONG-LOST HALF-SISTER IN LOUISIANA: ‘CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP’ Bob Barnes, 52, [object Window], New York, told Fox News Digital about his realization after he recently visite...

Ticket sales demonstrate USFL’s nationwide appeal

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Hutton reported Thursday that the league has sold tickets to fans from all 50 stati, with the economical ticket approach paying off early on. $ 10 tickets have been advertised, with kids 15 and under granted free a...

DEA warns of ‘nationwide spikein fentanyl-related mass-overdose deaths, as border crisis rages

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"The DEA is seeing a nationwide spike in fentanyl-related mass-overdose events involving three or more overdoses occurring close in time at the same location," the agency said in a letter to federal, state and local ...

What a UC Berkeley legal battle says about college housing affordability nationwide

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College students across the country are facing a crisis. It's not just the basic cost of attending college, which has steadily been climbing. And it's not the stress of getting into a post-secondary program. The pr...

He threw a Super Bowl party for homeless New Yorkers. Adesso, his ‘Super Soul Partiesare being held nationwide

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The first Super Soul Party in 2017 was a largely impromptu affair, designed to make sure a few folks experiencing homelessness could watch the biggest game of the year in comfort. Meir Kalmanson, dressed in Tom Bra...

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Carjackings on the rise nationwide, investigators say many juveniles responsible

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It seemed like a normal winter afternoon in southwest Minneapolis for Julie Wicklund and her 14-year-old daughter. "My situation happened on a Sunday afternoon. My daughter and I were having lunch when an individ...

Folla a "Sconfiggi i mandati’ la richiesta di marzo pone fine ai mandati del vaccino COVID a livello nazionale

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Un certo numero di importanti Stati Uniti. città tra cui DC, New York City, Gli angeli, Chicago, Minneapolis, e Boston hanno implementato regole che richiedono ai residenti di mostrare la prova della vaccinazione in determinati stabilimenti, come ri...

questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo: questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo

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questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo, questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo: questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo. questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo, questo mi dà una prospettiva unica di quello che sta succedendo.

L'avvocato per i diritti civili espone la ragione dietro il picco di criminalità a livello nazionale

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ROBERT PATILLO: La maggior parte di questo crimine viene spinto dalle bande di droga in tutto il paese. Quindi dobbiamo usare alcune delle nostre leggi antiterrorismo, gli stessi che stanno usando per perseguire le persone per altri crimini intorno al ...