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Michigan woman missing nearly six months not found after law enforcement conducts second search

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Dee Ann Warner, 52, vanished earlier this year and was last seen at her home in Tecumseh, 60 millas al oeste de Detroit, between the evening of April 24 and early April 25, according to Crime Stoppers of Lenawee County. S...

Los estadounidenses negros están encarcelados a una tasa casi cinco veces mayor que la de los blancos, nuevo informe sobre los hallazgos de las prisiones estatales

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Los estadounidenses negros están encarcelados en prisiones estatales a una tasa casi cinco veces mayor que la de los estadounidenses blancos., según un nuevo informe de The Sentencing Project. El informe encontró que uno en 81 Adultos negros por 100,000 gente.

Fisherman breaks nearly 30 year old record in Florida

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A new state fishing record has been certified in Florida. The previous record had been set all the way back in 1993 and had stood up until now. Felipe Prieto caught a butterfly peacock bass in a Broward County Lake. ...

Por poco 19,000 Los niños cruzaron el peligroso Darien Gap a pie este año.

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Un número récord de niños cruzó a pie el traicionero tramo de selva entre Colombia y Panamá conocido como el Darién Gap este año: 19,000, la mitad de los cuales estaban bajo 5 años, según UNICEF. El infa ...

Nearly two dozen species of birds, fish and other wildlife are set to be declared extinct and removed from the endangered species list

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The ivory-billed woodpecker, junto con 22 other species of birds, fish, mussels and other wildlife, is set to be declared extinct and removed from the endangered species list, US federal wildlife officials announce...

A man died from rabies after waking up to a bat in his room. It’s Illinoisfirst human case of the virus in nearly 70 años

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A man in northeastern Illinois died from rabies about a month after apparently being infected by a bat he found in his room, marking the first human case of the virus in the state since 1954, health officials said T...

Texas Border Patrol agents discover stash houses packed with nearly 100 illegal immigrants

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Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement agencies discovered the first stash house at a home on Ligarde Street Thursday afternoon. The individuals were from Guatemala, México, El Salvador, and Hon...

Colombia seizes nearly 3,500 shark fins bound for Hong Kong

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Colombian authorities said on Friday they have confiscated a shipment of 3,493 shark fins which were to be illegally trafficked to Hong Kong from Bogota's airport. Environmental authorities in the capital said the qu...

Mary Johnson, una mujer indígena, desapareció hace casi un año. Mientras que el FBI recientemente ofreció una recompensa, los activistas dicen que eso no es suficiente

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En los meses previos a la desaparición de Mary Johnson, su hermana dijo que no era ella misma. Johnson y su esposo, que había estado viviendo en la casa de su hermana Gerry Davis en Sedro-Woolley, Washington, abruptamente a la izquierda y m ...

Illinois grad student remains missing after nearly a month, police ask public for help

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Jelani Day, 25, was last seen in Bloomington on August 24. His family in Danville and a faculty member at Illinois State University reported him missing after he did not show up for class for several days. Now polic...

Hard-hitting news is extinct: CNN reports on dinosaur ‘foreplay,’ nearly six years after Forbes

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In a piece titled "The mysterious sex lives of dinosaurs," CNN senior producer Katie Hunt tackled the burning question of "cómo" dinosaurs reproduced and how it has been difficult to answer since "no fossil has reveal...

Massive halibut weighing 287 pounds sells for nearly $1,400

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The halibut, que era 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, weighed about 287 libras (130 kg) when it was caught off the Outer Hebrides, an island chain off the cost of Scotland. Scottish trawler Aquarius, which usually fish...

Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley reveals why he nearly made ‘historyafter incredible interception

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Sooners cornerback D.J. Graham made a one-handed interception on a fourth quarter fourth down, landing on the 3-yard line with 8:16 left in the game, handing the Sooners poor field position to start their next posses...

Los agentes de aduanas confiscan anillos de campeonato falsos que — si es genuino — hubiera valido casi la pena $2.4 millón

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Oficiales de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de EE. UU. 86 anillos de campeonato falsificados que hubieran valido la pena $ 2.38 millones si hubieran sido auténticos, la agencia dijo. Agentes fronterizos estadounidenses incautaron miles..

Fugitive hands himself in after nearly 30 years on the run

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A fugitive who spent nearly 30 years on the run after allegedly using a hacksaw blade and bolt cutters to escape from prison has handed himself into police in Australia. The man escaped from a correctional center du...

Dark money network gives top Dem lawyer ‘nearly unlimited fundingfor voting rights lawsuits, perro guardián dice

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Marc Elias, who has become one of the most influential liberal attorneys in Washington, recently departed the Perkins Coie law firm to start the Elias Law Group. Elias' firm will focus on electing Democrats, supporti...

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