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Vikings weren’t necessarily blond. Or Scandinavian. Why everything you thought you knew about the Norsemen may be wrong

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London Blond-haired, Scandinavian warriors who pillaged their way through Europe. We thought we knew everything about the Vikings. But some new research suggests we've been getting it wrong. In the biggest study of i...

Tom Brady on return to New England in Bucs-Patriots matchup: ‘I’m not going to necessarily reminisce’

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Brady, 44, knows better than anyone what it’s like to play in Foxborough but during an episode of the "Let’s Go!" podcast with Jim Gray, he said this weekend’s game against the Patriots will be a first for him.  TOM ...

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross claims some Black media faces are ‘not necessarily Black voices’

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The "Cross Connection" host focused her monologue on notable Black figures like political commentator and Democratic activist Van Jones, ESPN anchor Sage Steele, and Ozy founder and former MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson ...

Rocket scientists and brain surgeons not necessarily smarter than public

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Brain surgeons and rocket scientists are not necessarily smarter than the general public, researchers reported Monday, as they tried to settle the argument of whether the phrase "it's not brain surgery" or "it's not...

Tucker Carlson: The world we live in cannot last, but that’s not necessarily a tragedy

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There's so many questions like this. We rarely talk about any of them. Instead, we're told repeatedly to avert our gaze from the obvious and turn instead to CNN's latest fixation. Whether it's a Chinese flu virus, or...

US mission in Ukraine revealed — and it’s not necessarily Russia’s defeat

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JOHN KIRBY: I'll tell you very clearly what the Pentagon and the Department of Defense is focused on, and it's really two things. One is continuing to make sure that Ukraine can defend itself, and they are defending ...

Fauci defends China: Didn’t ‘necessarily’ cover-up COVID

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During an interview on BBC’s "Sunday Morning," Fauci was asked what he thought about the Chinese government "preventing" World Health Organization (WHO) investigators from "seeing key details and from speaking to key...