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Michigan’s largest health care system clarifies that it will provide abortions when ‘medically necessary

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"We continue to believe that these decisions are both personal and private and best made between a woman and her physician," Beaumont-Spectrum Health said Sunday. "We continue to provide care for women’s health, incl ...

NASA steps up hunt for extraterrestrial life, will commission ‘absolutely necessarystudy on UFOs

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"Part of our task at NASA, given to us by Congress, is not only to do fundamental research in the skies and so forth, but also to find life elsewhere," Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator for science at NAS...

Flying the Ukraine aid bill to South Korea for Biden’s signature isn’t unheard of. It also may not be totally necessary.

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The White House says flying a bill that will authorize about $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine will ensure there won't be any funding gaps when it comes to its military and humanitarian support for their fight against...

Sheryl Crow felt it was ‘necessaryto tell her behind-the-scenes story in new documentary

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Cuervo, 60, was at first hesitant to participate in Showtime's "Sheryl," but believed it was "necessary" to tell the story behind her songwriting, she said during Tuesday's appearance on "Good Morning America." "Bien, ...

Russia expert: Putin ‘cornered like a ratand will do whatever necessary to lash out

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Rebekah Koffler, a former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency agent and author of "Putin's Playbook: Russia's Secret Plan to Defeat America", told Fox News Digital on Saturday that an excerpt from Putin’s 2000 autobiogr...

Decision to ban Russian, Belarusian athletes is not a positive outcome but a necessary one, IPC president says

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Parsons told reporters that the decision to ban those athletes as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine can’t be seen as a positive outcome for any involved but added that the IPC had reached its "limit." GYMNAST I...

Shirtless Antonio Brown lands in LA for dinner with Kanye West, says dramatic exit ‘wasn’t necessary

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Brown was heading to a dinner with Kanye West at a popular West Hollywood restaurant on Monday night when he told TMZ Sports that undressing on the sideline before throwing the rest of his gear into the stands was pr...

Moderna CEO pushes for second COVID-19 booster shot, but doctors aren’t yet convinced it’s necessary

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Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel made the announcement during a Goldman Sachs-organized healthcare conference Thursday. "I still believe we’re going to need boosters in the fall of ’22 and forward," Bancel said. ...

Un estudio revisado por pares de Cambridge sugiere "autoritarismo"’ podría ser necesario para luchar contra el cambio climático

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El estudio, publicado en American Political Science Review de la Universidad de Cambridge e informado por primera vez por la Fundación para la Educación Económica, conduce con una pregunta de "¿Es el poder autoritario alguna vez legítimo??" antes de ...

CORRIENTE CONTINUA. El alcalde Bowser elude la pregunta sobre si volverán los encierros: "Haremos los cambios necesarios"

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"Con la reimposición del mandato de máscaras de interior, en este punto, ¿Prevé alguna posibilidad de tener que dar un paso adicional para cerrar todo de la forma en que lo hicieron usted y los demás alcaldes y gobernadores? ...

Long Island county leader on why he won’t enforce mask mandate: ‘Not necessary

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Hochul, who as Andrew Cuomo's lieutenant governor took over when the disgraced Democrat left office earlier this year, announced the mandate, effective this week, that is accompanied by steep fines and other punishme...

‘Single All the Wayis a necessary queer fantasy

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Washington Una versión de esta historia apareció en el boletín Race Deconstructed de CNN.. Para recibirlo en su bandeja de entrada todas las semanas, Regístrate gratis aquí. The excitement for Netflix's first gay holiday-themed romantic comedy has...

Kamala Harris calls South Africa travel ban ‘necessaryamid concerns over COVID-19 omicron variant

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Harris' comments came during a visit to a Christmas market in downtown D.C. in celebration of Small Business Saturday. OMICRON COVID-19 VARIANT CASES IDENTIFIED IN UK: LIVE UPDATES US Vice President Kamala...

16 GOP senators urge Biden to use all means necessary to rescue Americans in Afghanistan

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Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., led 15 of his colleagues in a letter to the president Thursday, calling on Biden to take charge as Americans and allies alike are stuck behind Taliban lines. "Desde el principio, quién y dónde...

Tucker blasts Afghanistan withdrawal: Biden did ‘necessary thing’ in ‘ugliest possible way’

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The host plainly questioned what the appropriate method of withdrawal in this instance is while noting that the U.S. should’ve done so 19 hace años que. "Just because something is necessary doesn’t mean you get to ignore...

DC health says masks may be necessary until Thanksgiving

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Patrick Ashley, a senior deputy director of the D.C. health department, told WRC-TV that the mask mandate will likely be in effect for the weeks to come. DC locals react to mask mandate

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