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Man sterf nadat die polisie byna op sy nek gekniel het 5 minute, familie sê in onregmatige doodseis

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'N 30-jarige man in Noord-Kalifornië wat 'n geestesgesondheidsepisode ondergaan het, is dood dae nadat polisiebeamptes byna vyf minute op sy nek gekniel het om hom te onderwerp., prokureurs vir sy gesin gesê. Angelo Here ...

Baton Rouge police are investigating after a video shows an officer with his arm around teen’s neck during arrest

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Police are investigating the arrest of a Baton Rouge teenager on Sunday after a video posted online shows an officer pinning the 13-year-old to the ground with his arm under the boy's neck. No decision has been made...

Machine Gun Kelly says he wears girlfriend Megan Fox’s blood around his neck

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When it comes to intense romantic gestures, Machine Gun Kelly may have been looking to Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie for inspiration. The 30-year-old rapper, singer and songwriter -- born Colson Baker -- hy het...

A remark about a noose around a player’s neck led to Penn State basketball coach’s resignation

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N jaar gelede, the head coach of the Penn State basketball team made a comment about a noose around a player's neck. Nou, after an investigation and new allegations of inappropriate conduct, the head coach has resigned...