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Joe Manchin’s realism is just what the country needs

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Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator, was a political consultant for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign in 1992 and served as a counselor to Clinton in the White House. The opinions ex...

GOP needs to embrace MAGA, fight ‘wokeismto win elections, report claims

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The American Principles Project (APP) is releasing the report, "MAGA after 2020: How the GOP can win again and save America," which looks at the Republican performance in last year’s election and takes lessons for ho...

Miami says D’Eriq King needs season-ending shoulder surgery

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King was injured in the second half of Miami’s loss to Michigan State last month, a game that may end up marking the last appearance of his college career. He left the field after getting hurt, then returned and didn...

Congress needs to take action on illegal immigration said Yuma, Ariz. Mayor Douglas Nicholls

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"It’s a business to these traffickers, so when it’s a business that brings billions of dollars a year to them, you’re going to see them try to exploit every angle and every weakness and every policy that is in place ...

USA Paintball despide a un profesional por viral TikTok que engaña a un adolescente con COVID: "El niño necesita una f—ing caminadora’

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Jessica Maiolo, 31, ha sido eliminado del equipo de Paintball de EE. UU. "indefinidamente" luego de una investigación sobre un video que publicó donde criticaba a David Espino, de 17 años, por necesitar "una maldita cinta de correr," no un va ...

The holiday everyone needs right now is upon us: Fat Bear Week

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Fat Bear Week -- the one time a year where you can openly and proudly cheer for your favorite chubby bear -- is back. The annual competition, held by Katmai National Park in Alaska, crowns the fattest bear in the s...

With attendance declining, the church needs ‘authenticity

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"I don’t think the next generation wants to come to church," said lead pastor of Saints Church in Queens Chris Durso. "Not because they don’t want God, but because of some of the politics that come with church, y T...

Hannity: Biden necesita poner fin a las vacaciones en Rehoboth Beach en medio de crisis; "Bájate de su– y ponte a trabajar’

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En su "Monólogo de apertura", Hannity criticó a Biden por seguir ignorando las crisis que se multiplican y actuar unilateralmente, en este caso, decidió dirigirse a Rehoboth Beach para lo que es uno de los fines de semana cálidos y menguantes de Sudáfrica..

They see one man’s death as an urgent reminder of what Biden needs to do

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It's something Azadeh Shahshahani dreads hearing. And something she says she's heard too many times already. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced last week that a man who'd been detained at the privately r...

Biden needs to warn Putin if Russia doesn’t take action on cyberattacks, Lo haremos: Dan Hoffman

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DAN HOFFMAN: This is another supply chain hacking attack from a criminal group based out of Russia, and this serves Vladimir Putin's interests because it's damaging our economy. It's negatively impacting the brand an...

Putin says Russia needs to speed up vaccination for Covid-19

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Moscow Russia must accelerate Covid-19 vaccinations, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated on Tuesday as the country recorded its highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic. Addressing newly ele...

Oregon HS coach demands end to mask mandate after athlete collapses: ‘We’re talking about oxygen needs

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Summit High School track runner Maggie Williams broke a school record last Thursday in the 800-meter run, which went viral after she was seen stumbling across the finish line before collapsing to the ground. Williams...

WHO says COVID-19 origin needs more studies as top expert’s lab ‘concernmade public for first time

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El jueves, the WHO in a new statement admitted that the lab-leak was not "extremely unlikely" después de todo. "On review of the phase one study report, WHO determined that there was insufficient scientific evidence to r...

Trump needs this pivotal county and its rural voters to win Pennsylvania

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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Women and men of all ages arrive well before opening. It is midmorning in the middle of the week, but a lengthy line of people patiently waiting forms outside a country home painted ...

Activista de Minneapolis cuya nieta fue asesinada a tiros dice que la ciudad necesita policía

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KG. Nieta de Wilson, Aniya allen, recibió un disparo en la cabeza cuando ella y su madre quedaron atrapadas en el fuego cruzado entre bandas rivales. Wilson, un activista contra la violencia de 53 años que ha trabajado para sacar a los niños del s ...

El primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson, dice que el mundo necesita "crecer’ y lidiar con el cambio climático

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La humanidad necesita "crecer" y abordar el tema del cambio climático, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. Johnson, a last-minute ...

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