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Alabama tornado spared a scarf-draped cross as it devastated a Birmingham neighborhood

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Dena Cook lost her roof when a tornado ripped through her Birmingham, Alabama, neighborhood on Thursday, but her faith is stronger than ever after seeing that the scarf-draped cross in her backyard was spared by the...

White people traveled to a hard hit Latino neighborhood in New York and took many of the Covid-19 vaccine appointments

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A Covid-19 vaccination site in a Latino neighborhood in New York City hard hit by the pandemic saw an overwhelming number of White people from outside the community show up to get the shot this month, city leaders s...

Joanne Rogers, la vedova di Fred Rogers, protagonista di "Mister Rogers’ Quartiere,’ è morto

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Joanne Rogers, la vedova di Fred Rogers, stella di "Quartiere del signor Rogers," è morto. Lei era 92. La notizia è stata confermata giovedì da Fred Rogers Productions in un comunicato pubblicato nell'Instag ufficiale dell'azienda ...

Alabama neighborhood starts Christmas early for a terminally sick girl in her final weeks

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When neighbors found out that 7-year-old Ally Cheek's health was declining and she might not live through the holidays, they decided to start Christmas early in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Her neighborhood banded toget...

Un tacchino aggressivo di nome "Gerald’ che terrorizzava un quartiere di Oakland viene trasferito in modo sicuro

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Un quartiere di Oakland, California, può stare tranquillo ora che un tacchino soprannominato "Gerald" è stato trasferito in modo sicuro sulle colline vicine. Stimato in giro 20 libbre, Gerald aveva causato problemi nel Grand Lake n ...

These brothers are picking up littered face masks around their neighborhood

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Not only has the coronavirus pandemic impacted the way we live, but it's also changed the way we litter. Brothers Danny Eisawy, 11, and Jojo Eisawy, 9, have been picking up trash around their neighborhood in Tonbri...