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Indianapolis Colts ‘saddenedover FedEx shooting: ‘Victims and survivors are our friends and neighbors

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The team issued a statement Friday morning after a shooter opened fired inside the FedEx building around 11 nm. killing eight people and wounding several others before turning the gun on himself. COLTS’ DARIUS LEON...

Texas rancher says he and his neighbors find bodies of migrants on their properties

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Jones, who lives in Hebbronville, Texas, said that while he has found about two to three bodies a year, "a neighbor of mine has been finding close to ten a year for the last ten years." He noted that currently, he h...

Deurklokkamera neem 'n vrou vas wat haar bure uit hul brandende huis red

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Nicole Salgado en haar gesin het op Oujaarsdag wakker geword van woes geklop aan die voordeur van hul huis in Avondale, Arizona. Haar huis het gebrand, en sy het dit nie geweet nie. "Ons het almal geslaap," Salgado aan CN gesê..

Mar-a-Lago-bure wil hê Trump moet elders heen gaan nadat hy die Withuis verlaat het

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First lady Melania Trump plans to slip down to Palm Beach via government jet on Friday for a weekend walk-through of renovations underway at the Trump family's private quarters at Mar-a-Lago, according to a source f...

Duitse vrou vertrek $7.5 miljoen aan haar bure

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Inwoners van 'n gemeenskap in Sentraal-Duitsland het onverwags eiendom en 'n aandeleportefeulje ter waarde van € 6,2 miljoen geërf ($ 7.5 miljoen), na die dood van 'n bejaarde buurman. Renate Wedel het in .. gewoon.

Man receives racist letter over Black Santa decorationand neighbors have his back

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Chris Kennedy's Christmas display features a seven-foot Black Santa that stands tall in his yard along with a Christmas tree and a large shining sign that reads "Joy." Until now, he has received nothing but complim...

These neighbors show us love can still exist on opposing sides of politics

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"Love thy neighbor" is a sentiment many communities in America are struggling with at the moment. Almost half of registered voters in both Biden and Trump camps say they do not have a single close friend who support...

Die 2020 Census: tech issues, angry neighbors and bad data

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New York Michael Lathrop, 58, a census taker in Kingsport, Tennessee, was bitten by a pit bull in August while on the job. "That dog had lost its mind," said Lathrop, who was bitten on his right thigh while approach...

After a farmer suffered a heart attack, his neighbors banded together to harvest his crops

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Lane Unhjem was in the middle of harvesting his wheat and canola farm near Crosby, North Dakota when his combine caught fire. In the stress of the event, Unhjem went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospita...