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Mollie Hemingway roep Kamala Harris uit’ senuweeagtige lag as jy voor moeilike vrae te staan ​​kom

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KAMALA HARRIS SLAMMED VIR 'CRINGE' Reaksie op grensvrae: 'NIE' N GRAF OM TE LAG NIE 'MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Dit is net so ongemaklik en vreemd wat sy sê. Goed vir Lester Holt dat hy die leuen reggestel het ...

‘Kominsky Methodstar Michael Douglas admits he still gets ‘nervous’ op stel

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The 76-year-old actor, who won a Gloden Globe award in 2019 for the role, said that working with creator Chuck Lorre and the ensemble cast was "rewarding." He revealed what intrigued him about signing on a streaming ...

New Mexico special House election: Nervous Democrats playing it safe

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Early voting’s been underway for a week and a half for next Tuesday’s special election in the state’s 1st Congressional District, in the race to succeed Deb Haaland, who stepped down from her congressional seat after...

Aaron Rodgers, Packers drama had NFL schedule makers ‘a little nervous

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The NFL released the 2021 schedule last week, and the Packers were handed five primetime games over the course of the season, even though there still is a chance that the league's reigning MVP may suit up in a differ...

Former White House residence staff ‘nervousfor former colleagues

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Kate Andersen Brower is the author of "The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House" and the forthcoming children's book "Exploring the White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home." They are used t...