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Jamie Foxx rises again as dad, the vampire hunter, in Netflix’s dreary ‘Day Shift

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"Day Shift" is about vampires, but it's one of those Frankenstein-like movies stitched together from used parts, with Jamie Foxx as a family man version of Marvel's Blade, mashed up with horror and buddy comedy. E'...

'Ho appena ucciso mio padre’ è l'ultima serie di Netflix sul vero crimine da non guardare con tutta la famiglia

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Come vanno i titoli da non guardare con i bambini, "Ho appena ucciso mio padre" deve essere abbastanza in alto nella lista. Eppure ci sono abbastanza colpi di scena negli ultimi docuserie sul vero crimine di Netflix per coinvolgere il pubblico, con un altro senso...

Marilyn Monroe Estate difende Ana de Armas’ casting in 'Blonde’

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La tenuta di Marilyn Monroe sta venendo in difesa di Ana de Armas, in seguito alle critiche al suo accento nella sua interpretazione di Monroe in un film Netflix in uscita. Armas interpreta l'iconica bomba nel prossimo arrivo di Netflix..

‘First Kill’: Netflix’s teen vampire love story doesn’t have much bite

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"First Kill" isn't good, but it's bad in semi-interesting ways -- the kind of young-adult genre show that Netflix churned out by the truckload before beginning to pull back. The one-line description -- "Romeo and Ju...

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Stagione 4 adds warning card following Texas school shooting

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The warning card, which will show up for viewers in the U.S. when the episodes launch on Friday, legge: "We filmed this season of ‘Stranger Things’ a year ago. But given the recent tragic shooting at a school in Texa...

"Padre nostro" di Netflix: Il film esplora il trauma causato dal medico della fertilità dell'Indiana che ha messo incinta i suoi pazienti

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Era 2014 e la donna dell'Indiana che era stata concepita da un donatore era curiosa di sapere se lei, un solo bambino, aveva fratellastri. Oltre otto anni, la 43enne ha scoperto di averlo almeno 94 fratelli e sorelle. Almeno sette...

Are Japanese toddlers as independent as Netflix’s Old Enough portrays them?

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Ramen chef Kantaro Ishii has fond memories of working at his father's izakaya near their home in the city of Sendai, Giappone. "Izakayas (informal bars that serve alcohol and snacks) are busy establishments," Egli ha detto. ...

‘Ozarkcements its place among Netflix’s best dramas with its final episodes

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For anyone inclined initially to dismiss "Ozark" come "Breaking Bad Lite," the Netflix drama has exceeded all expectations, steadily building toward a final run reinforcing the idea that getting into business with ver...

Is Netflix’s woke programming driving subscribers away?

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EKPUNOBI: I think it's this woke mind virus and people are waking up and inoculating themselves from it. They don't want to hear this anymore, and Netflix is known to be doing this. They put out a French film called ...

Formula One CEO says Netflix’s ‘Drive to Surviveis too dramatic

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"There is no doubt that the Netflix project has had a very successful inclusive effect. To spark the interest of a new audience, a language has been used that in some situations has focused on the dramatization of th...

Christina Ricci to star in ‘Wednesday,’ Netflix’s ‘Addams Family’ riavviare

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Ricci, who starred as Wednesday Addams in the Barry Sonnenfeld-directed 1990s "Famiglia Addams" feature franchise, is a series regular in Wednesday, which is headlined by Jenna Ortega in the title role, Deadline has le...

Il nome "Bad Vegan" di Netflix fa il nome di Alec Baldwin: Il nome "Bad Vegan" di Netflix fa il nome di Alec Baldwin

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Il nome "Bad Vegan" di Netflix fa il nome di Alec Baldwin, Il nome "Bad Vegan" di Netflix fa il nome di Alec Baldwin. Il nome "Bad Vegan" di Netflix fa il nome di Alec Baldwin.

Netflix’s ‘Squid Gamereceives warning from parents council for being ‘incredibly violent

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The Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) told Fox News its hoping to "alert parents" to the bevy of "Gioco del calamaro"-inspired content being uploaded across various media "so that they can take appropriate measures,...

Catherine Zeta-Jones to play Addams family matriarch Morticia in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ serie

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The 51-year-old Oscar winner is set to play Morticia Addams, the matriarch of the famously spooky Addams family in a Netflix series, a rep for the Streamer confirmed to Fox News. According to a press release, she wil...

Chrissy Teigen si ritira da "Non ho mai" di Netflix’ ruolo di voce dopo lo scandalo del cyberbullismo: rapporto

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Teigen doveva recitare in Season 2 della commedia drammatica di formazione di Netflix, creato da Mindy Kaling e Lang Fisher. Un portavoce della serie ha detto che il ruolo di Teigen dovrebbe essere riformulato, secondo Variety. Rappresentante...

Alonzo Brooks’ Morte, whose case was featured on Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ is ruled a homicide

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The death of Alonzo Brooks, whose body was exhumed in 2020 after Netflix's "Misteri irrisolti" series brought his case to the forefront, has been ruled a homicide, federal authorities announced Monday. Nel 2004, Fra...