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マーク・レヴィン: Network of liberal dark money groups, billionaires, and Democrats attacking our elections

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People aren't supposed to talk about issues with the 2020 選挙, レビンは言った, lest they be labeled conspiracy theorists by the media. "If we don't address this, the next election for president in 2024 is going to w...

Job Creators Network CEO: バイデンワクチンは「ばかげている’ そしてすべてに影響を与えます

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BIDEN EMPLOYER VACCINEは、OSHAがALFREDO ORTIZのレビューのために規則テキストをOMBに提出するため、現実に近いステップを義務付けています: それを促したのは、私たちがすべての中小企業のメンバーから得たフィードバックだけです。.

Bobby Flay to depart Food Network after 27 年: 報告する

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The TV chef and restaurateur will apparently say goodbye to the network that skyrocketed him to fame when his contract expires at the end of this year, Variety reported Thursday. Flay had been in negotiations with t...

Hackers breached computer network at key US port but did not disrupt operations

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Suspected foreign government-backed hackers last month breached a computer network at one of the largest ports on the US Gulf Coast, but early detection of the incident meant the intruders weren't in a position to d...

Ex-ABC News boss Ben Sherwood accused of ‘creepy,’ ‘sexually harassing behavior’ at Disney-owned network

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"グッドモーニングアメリカ" producer Kirstyn Crawford filed a lawsuit against former GMA star producer Michael Corn last month, accusing him of sexual harassment and fostering a toxic work environment. Corn denied all wro...

ダークマネーネットワークは、トップのデム弁護士に「ほぼ無制限の資金提供」を提供します’ 議決権訴訟, ウォッチドッグは言う

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マークエリアス, ワシントンで最も影響力のあるリベラルな弁護士の一人になりました, 最近、パーキンス・コイ法律事務所を出て、エリアス法律グループを設立しました。. エリアスの会社は民主党員の選出に焦点を当てます, サポート...

Food Network disavows former host after controversial tweets about abortion: ‘We regret giving him a platform

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Josh Denny — self-proclaimed "cancelled" コメディアン, podcaster and TV host — took to Twitter to respond to Wednesday’s news that effectively outlaws abortion in the state. The 38-year-old former frontman of Food Networ...

Pentagon appears to break with State Dept on Haqqani network, says there is ‘co-mingling’ with the Taliban

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The network’s leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is deputy leader of the Taliban and his uncle Khalil Haqqani was placed in charge of security in Kabul after the militants seized the city last week. PENTAGON SAYS TWO ‘HIGH-...


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"Fox Newsは、昨年9月以来達成できなかったことを実現しました。: 他のケーブルニュースネットワークと放送を打ち負かす、ライブ視聴者のプライムタイムの総合優勝," TheWrapのLindseyEllefsonは次のように書いています. 確かに, フォックスニュー...

Rover promises a network of ‘trusted sitters and dog walkers.That wasn’t enough to save these pets

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Like many new pandemic pet owners, Nia Morgan knew her puppy, Zorro, had grown very attached to her due to all the time she spent at home with him. So she was understandably hesitant about leaving him for the first ...

South Korean network apologizes for ‘inappropriate’ images on Tokyo Olympics

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Seoul-based MBC also posted reports of the recent assassination of President Jovenel Moïse as Haitian athletes walked into the Tokyo stadium during opening ceremonies, The Guardian said in a report. MOはこちらをクリックしてください。.


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フェアファックス郡公立学校のウェブサイトにある「ローカル」というタイトルのリンクの選択 & 全国組織には8つのリンクが含まれています -- FCPSプライド, セカンドストーリー, NAKASEC, 人種的正義のために現れる, 奴隷制度廃止論者の教え...

ジョーコンチャは「ビッグガイ’ ジョー・バイデンは、「偽物」に対するインフレ懸念を軽視してくれました。’ ネットワークCNNのタウンホール

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彼は大統領執務室の大物です, ハンターバイデンの元ビジネスパートナーであるトニーボブリンスキーからCNNタウンホールモデレーターのドンレモンまで、誰もが言っています. しかし、中小企業、特にレストランに。.

Anti-critical race theory parent blasts Biden administration for promoting Abolitionist Teaching Network

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"Parents who are waking up to this and this crazy ideology that they're injecting into the school system will always stand up and fight for their kids," says Jessica Mendez. Mendez is an anti-CRT activist involved wi...

CNN announces CNN+, ‘most important launch for network since Ted Turner

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ニューヨーク (CNNビジネス)CNN is hiring hundreds of people and developing dozens of programs for a subscription streaming service that will launch early next year. The new venture, called CNN+, was formally announced on...

Chip and Joanna Gaines celebrate Magnolia Network launch with feast in NYC

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The former HGTV stars were in the Big Apple last week to promote the launch of their new lifestyle network, the TV venture they began working on shortly after stepping away from their hit home renovation series, "Fix...

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