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「ジェパディ!’ contestant condemns White supremacy, racism amid gesture controversy: ‘Never meant to hurt a soul

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The returning champion appeared on Tuesday’s episode of the competition trivia show and during the show’s introductions, ドノウエは右手で最後の3本の指を持ち上げているように見えた, 形成する "OK" sign touc...

注目株のレイラ・フェルナンデス: 「先生は私にテニスをやめるように言った, あなたは決してそれを成し遂げないでしょう’

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フェルナンデス, 転向したばかりのカナダのテニス新星 19, 土曜日の決勝で18歳の英国のテニスセンセーションエマ・ラドゥカヌを演じる予定です. 数年前、彼女は学校に集中するべきだと言われました。.

Ted Nugent reveals positive coronavirus diagnosis: ‘Never been so sick in my life

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"I thought I was dying," the 72-year-old singer said during a Facebook Live video on Monday in a video shot at his Michigan ranch. "Everybody told me I should not announce this, but can you hear it, I have had flu s...

父親’ Tommy Pham seeks MLB’s help over stabbing taunts: ‘Never seen it at this level

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Pham, 33, told The San Diego Union-Tribune in an article published Tuesday that fans -- even at Petco Park where the Padres play -- have been "very disrespectful" toward him, often targeting him about an incident las...

マスク着用拒否で逮捕されたワイオミング高校生: '決して考えない’ 私は刑務所に連れて行かれます

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グレース・スミス, ララミー高校3年生と彼女の父親, アンドリュー・スミス, 彼女の停職と不法侵入逮捕について説明した. スミスは彼女がのために何度も停止されていたと言いました "故意の不従順が続いた。" "彼らは...

タイガー・ウッズは、彼がゴルフの頂点に立つことは二度とないかもしれないと認めています: 「それは不幸な現実です’

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ウッズ, 彼は息子とチームを組んで以来、トーナメントに出場していません。 2020 PNCチャンピオンシップ, 月曜日に公開されたインタビューでゴルフダイジェストに語ったところによると、彼は最高の選手と競争しなければ大丈夫だろう。.

Harvey Weinstein denies Angelina Jolie’s accusations: ‘There was never an assault

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"THERE WAS NEVER an assault, and NEVER an attempt to assault," Weinstein — who is currently serving a 23-year sentence for rape and battery — responded in a statement to TMZ via his assistant on Saturday. "It is braz...

Queen Elizabeth ‘will never abdicate,’ source says: ‘She made that commitment in front of God’

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"The queen will never abdicate, full-stop," True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen told Fox News. "She made a commitment not just to this country, to the Commonwealth and her family, but also to God. Faith is very im...

Newspaper declares Biden boring; Washington has never felt duller

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And some pundits are blaming the 46th president. もちろん, there is more to leadership than entertaining the masses, and more to governing than providing fodder for cable news. But these dog days are, at the very le...

This mom gave birth to a healthy baby but never held him before she died of Covid-19

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Erika Becerra was eight months pregnant when she was diagnosed with Covid-19. 十一月に, she was induced and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After an otherwise normal delivery in Detroit, ミシガン, Becerra was i...

Golfer Grayson Murray claims PGA Tour never helped him with alcoholism battle

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マレー, 27, hurled the criticism at the Tour after dropping out of the 3M Open on Friday. He wrote on Twitter he "hates everything that has to do with the PGA Tour life" and claimed the Tour offered no help to him. C.。.

オクラホマの教師はマスクの着用を拒否したために解雇されました: 「これが起こるとは思わなかった’ アメリカでは

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それらの教師が地区に対する訴訟で反撃した後, それらの3つは金曜日に彼らの話を共有しました "狐 & フレンズファースト。" "それはマスクについてではありませんでした. それはマスクについてではありませんでした. それはいつもについてでした。.

イングラム: Left-wing Democrats turn on Dave Chappelle, その. Sinema because ‘the mob never sleeps

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Ingraham noted Sinema was praised by the media and fellow Democrats as she ran and won office in 2018 – marking the first time a Democrat has held a Senate seat in that state since former Intelligence Committee Chair...

‘I’ve never seen anything like that’: Bizarre goal marks thrilling Manchester United and Arsenal clash

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Manchester United bounced back from conceding one of the most unusual goals you're ever likely to see to eventually beat Arsenal 3-2 in Thursday's Premier League clash. With new interim head coach Ralf Rangnick set ...

カラム: 決していいえ. 1, ミケルソンの遺産は長寿になります

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"ええと, 何かが私を襲う 50 年はより古い 46," ニクラウスはにっこりと言った. "よくやった, 私の友人. もっとたくさん。" もっとたくさん? 年齢で 50? その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . ミケルソンの演劇...

Quentin Tarantino vowed never to give money to his mom and stuck to that

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Quentin Tarantino has a message to parents: Watch how you talk to your kids. 出演中 "The Moment" ポッドキャスト, which is hosted by "数十億" co-creator Brian Koppelman, the famed writer and director said...

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