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Biden bevestig die Amerikaanse verbintenis tot die NAVO, noem ‘nuwe uitdagings’ met Rusland, Sjina

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Vanaf die NAVO-hoofkwartier in Brussel Maandag, die president het volgehou dat die Verenigde State 'n "stabiel en konstruktief" verhouding met Rusland, terwyl hy verseker dat die Amerikaanse. sal altyd "reageer" ek ...

‘New York is back!’ The NYC Democratic mayoral primary captivates a reanimated city

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When New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the stage at a rally for New York City mayoral candidate Maya Wiley on Saturday night, the congresswoman paused a beat and took in the scene. Before she made the case...

Carmouche riding at ‘new levelinto Belmont for first time

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"I start watching those horses go around the track," hy het gesê, mimicking goosebumps popping up on his arms and tingling in his fingers. "That itch came back." KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Carmouche came bac...

Turn rupture into repair: How to navigate relationship arguments in the ‘new normal

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Ian Kerner is a licensed marriage and family therapist, writer and contributor on the topic of relationships for CNN. His most recent book is a guide for couples, "So Tell Me About the Last Time You Had Sex." I ofte...

Pro worstelaar Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young sterf by 58

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Ekstreme kampioenskap stoei (ECW) pro stoeier Jerome "New Jack" Young is oorlede om 58, sy vrou, Jennifer Young, op Facebook bevestig. Die stoeier het in die middel 90's by ECW aangesluit en was in die 1999 dokumen ...

Madonna calls gun control the ‘new vaccine,’ wants police jailed without trial in bizarre posts

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The signer took to Instagram, aiming to "wake up America" to the need to stem gun violence. A video shows her putting up signs with the hashtags "#WAKEUPAMERICA" en "#GUNCONTROLNOW," with unidentified people. It's u...

Boehner on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden infrastructure bill a ‘new word for the Green New Deal

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REPUBLICANS SENATORS LINE UP AGAINST BIDEN'S MASSIVE $ 2T UITGAWEWETSONTWERP: 'FAR CRY' FROM INFRASTRUCTURE JOHN BOEHNER: Well this is apparently a new word for the Green New Deal, because if you look at the bill that th...

Sy. Marsha Blackburn: China is part of ‘new axis of evil

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SY. MARSHA BLACKBURN: What we know is China, Rusland, Iran and North Korea are the new axis of evil. We know that China is very aggressive, that they are testing the Biden administration. And when it comes to what we...

Kevin Hart spent $825G on a ‘new’ 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

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The comedy superstar paid $ 825,000 at the recent Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction to buy a very unique 1959 Chevrolet Corvette. Its restored two-tone body belies the fully updated chassis underneath it. ...

Die burgemeester van Chicago roep 'n nuwe dag vir die wetenskap in’ in speelse video-veeg oor Trump se koronavirus-reaksie

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Lori Lightfoot, burgemeester van Chicago, het a "nuwe dag vir die wetenskap" in die nasleep van die verkose president Joe Biden van 'n nuwe taakspan vir die koronavirus, neem 'n spottende video op om 'n draai by president D. te maak..

Obama tells young voters they can create a ‘new normal in Americaas he gears up to hit the campaign trail

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Former President Barack Obama told young Americans their generation "can be the one that creates a new normal in America" in a video message released Tuesday evening before he hits the campaign trail for Democratic ...

CNN Correspondent Joe Johns fought off a raccoon seconds before returning to a ‘New Daylive shot

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While there are not really normal days in Washington anymore, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Joe Johns had a little more excitement added to his day, thanks to a raccoon. Johns said that he and the raccoon hav...