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‘Many Saints of Newarkcast on returning to iconic ‘Sopranos’ universo: ‘One of the hardest jobs

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The flick is a prequel to the famed mob drama featuring younger versions of many of the original show's characters, including the late James Gandolfini's son Michael, who plays Tony Soprano – the role previously inha...

‘Sopranosprequel ‘Many Saints of Newark’ drops first trailer

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The legendary mob boss from "Los Sopranos" is back in "Los muchos santos de Newark," a prequel to the HBO series that focuses on the early years of Tony and his close relationship with Dickie Moltisanti, the father of ...

Watch young Tony Soprano in action in trailer for ‘The Many Saints of Newark

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Move over, superheroes. This is the origin story TV fans have been waiting for. A new trailer for "Los muchos santos de Newark, the film prequel to HBO's "Los Sopranos," has been released, giving viewers their first ...