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Thandie Newton reclaims original name spelling, will go by Thandiwe Newton: ‘Always been my name

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The 48-year-old "Westworld" star has had a long career on both the big and small screens and has always been known as Thandie -- but as it turns out, that isn't her birth name. From here on out, the star will go by T...

Thandiwe Newton reclaims her original name

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Thandiwe Newton wants her name back. Die "Westworld" aktrise, who had been going by Thandie Newton, told British Vogue, "I'm taking back what's mine." Newton's parents, a Zimbabewan princess and a lab technician fro...

Cam Newton of the New England Patriots tests positive for Covid-19, verslae sê

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New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has tested positive for Covid-19, according to reports from NFL Network and ESPN, which cited league sources. Both outlets reported Newton has been placed on the Covid-19 ...