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Ex-NYT columnist, potential Oregon gubernatorial candidate Nicholas Kristof once downplayed Portland violence

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Nicholas Kristof announced on Thursday that he was parting from the Gray Lady after 37 years to explore a potential run for governor in his home state. "You all know how much I love Oregon, and how much I’ve been se...

Liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof quits New York Times after 37 años, explores run for Oregon governor

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The Times published a note from opinion editor Kathleen Kingsbury announcing Kristof’s decision. Liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof called his time at The New York Times the "ride of a lifetime." (Photo by...

Tropical Cyclone Nicholas remnants pose heavy rain, flood threats

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Moisture will target portions of the Tennessee and lower Ohio valleys and the southern Appalachians. Adicionalmente, some onshore winds off the Southeast coast will bring more moisture to the system, supporting heavy...

New Orleanstrash problem exacerbated by Nicholas

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Rain was forecast to continue in the area into next week and flash flood watches were in effect for portions of southeast Louisiana. IDA-BATTERED NEW ORLEANS CLEANS UP TRASH AS STREETS BEGIN TO STINK The deluge comp...

Tropical Depression Nicholas will bring flood threats as wildfire danger continues throughout US West

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TROPICAL STORM NICHOLAS IMPACTS GULF COAST STATES, ANOTHER DISTURBANCE BEING MONITORED Flood watches and warnings remain in effect from far southeastern Texas through Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. ...

Tropical Storm Nicholas hits Gulf Coast as severe thunderstorms possible over Central Plains to the Northeast

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NICHOLAS DOWNGRADED TO TROPICAL STORM AFTER MAKING LANDFALL IN TEXAS AS CATEGORY 1 HURRICANE The storm is forecast to weaken, but not move very much, bringing torrential rainfall to Texas and Louisiana. Hu...

Nicholas upgraded to hurricane as it approaches Texas landfall

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The National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Nicholas to a hurricane as its center was 20 miles southeast of Matagorda, Texas. A partir de 10 pm. CDT Monday, the storm was about 45 miles southwest of Freeport, Texas, with...

Tropical Storm Nicholas threatens Gulf Coast with heavy rain

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Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami said a hurricane watch was issued for the central portion of the Texas coast with much of the state's coastline now under a tropical storm warning. Nicholas is ex...

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayerstar Nicholas Brendon arrested for alleged prescription fraud in Indiana

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los "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" estrella, 50, was charged with prescription fraud of a controlled substance and for refusing to identify himself while stopped for an infraction on Aug. 18, according to Vigo County Jail re...