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Christians in Nigeria living under a ‘big cloud of terror’: Nigerian journalist

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Logan discussed the war waged against Christians with Nigerian journalist Masara Kim Usman, who has covered the villages that have been destroyed by Boko Haram extensively. "The first thing actually you will be conf...

Rondom 20% of Nigerian workers lost jobs due to COVID-19, official figures show

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Rondom 20% of workers in Nigeria have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19, the government's statistics office said on Tuesday, outlining the impact of the pandemic on businesses in Africa's most populous nation....

Meet the Nigerian board game creator trying to change an industry

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Lagos, Nigeria Kenechukwu Cornelius Ogbuagu has been obsessed with playing and building games his entire life. As kind, he played board and card games including Snakes and Ladders, Whot, and Ludo with the kids in ...

Een miljoen Nigeriese kinders gaan skool mis weens groot ontvoerings, UNICEF sê

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Ten minste een miljoen Nigeriese kinders kan hierdie jaar skool misloop, aangesien die nuwe kwartaal begin te midde van 'n toename in ontvoering en onveiligheid van massaskole, het die Verenigde Nasies se kinderagentskap UNICEF Woensdag gesê. Skole ...

Gunmen storm Nigerian jail to break out more than 200 gevangenes

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Abuja, Nigeria At least 240 prisoners have escaped in a prison break in Nigeria's north-central Kogi State after gunmen carried out a blitz attack on the facility, prison authorities said Monday. A spokesman for th...

Phone and internet shutdown in Nigerian state enters sixth day as security forces target kidnappers

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Abuja, Nigeria Most residents in Nigeria's north western Zamfara State have welcomed a government directive ordering a shutdown of internet and phone communications now in its sixth day designed to combat a spate of ...

Skole in die Nigeriese staat word gesluit ná massa -ontvoering van studente deur gewapende mans

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Skole in die noordwestelike deelstaat Zamfara in Nigerië is beveel om gesluit te word nadat talle studente Woensdag deur gewapende mans ontvoer is. Ten minste 73 studente is ontvoer van 'n staatsbeheerde hoërskool in Zamfara se M..

Second NigerianChibok girlfreed in a week seven years after abduction

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A second young woman abducted seven years ago from the town of Chibok by Boko Haram militants was freed this week, Borno state's governor has said. The kidnappings of some 270 teenagers in the northeastern town in ...

Nigerian separatist leader brought back to Nigeria to face trial

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Lagos, Nigeria Nigerian separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu, was located and brought back to Nigeria to face trial for terrorism, Nigeria's Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, said in a press conference Tuesday. Kanu w...

Die kompetisie-koningin en die bebloede vlag, hoe 'n Nigeriese model 'n Russiese loopplank gebruik het om polisiewreedheid te betoog

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Abuja, Nigerië Toe Victoria Chiamaka Udeh met selfvertroue op die baan afstoot tydens 'n skoonheidskompetisie in Rusland, swaai met haar land se rooi vlekke, sy dink net aan een ding -- die jongmense wat verloor het ...

Boko Haram fighters have hoisted flag and forcefully acquired wives in Nigerian town, governor says

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Abuja, Nigeria Boko Haram fighters have reportedly hoisted the Islamist group's flag in a remote district in Niger State, Nigeria's Middle Belt region, and seized the wives of fleeing residents, the state's governor ...

YouTube shuts down prominent Nigerian megachurch preacher’s channel for ‘gay curing’ eise

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Abuja, Nigeria A popular Nigerian televangelist has urged his followers to "pray for YouTube" for shutting down his account after he posted videos on his channel claiming to 'cure' gay members of his congregation of ...

‘We hope to get our pilots alive,’ Nigerian air force says, as military plane disappears from radar

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The Nigerian air force says it has yet to establish the whereabouts of a military plane that disappeared off the radar Wednesday evening near Borno -- an insurgency troubled state in the country's northeast region. ...

Armed men attack another Nigerian school, as 39 students still missing

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Kaduna, NigeriaArmed men attempted to kidnap more students in Nigeria's Kaduna state overnight on Sunday, a state government official said, as 39 others from an earlier attack remain missing. Attacks by armed gangs, ...

Nigerian startup Flutterwave secures $170 million in capital injections from investors, now valued at over $1 miljard

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Flutterwave, an African fintech startup has secured $ 170 million in capital injections from investors, the firm said in a statement Wednesday. The new capital flows -- facilitated by "a leading group of internatio...

Gunmen kill 36 in attacks on two northern Nigerian states

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Gunmen killed 36 people in two attacks in northern Nigeria on Wednesday, a day after insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades amid worsening security facing Africa's most populous nation, officials and residents s...

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