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Il marito di Ashli ​​Babbitt chiede il rilascio dell'identità dell'ufficiale del Campidoglio che le ha sparato: ‘Nessuno ce lo dice’

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In Aprile, il Dipartimento di Giustizia ha annunciato che non chiederà accuse contro l'ufficiale che ha sparato a Babbitt, un veterano dell'Air Force di 14 anni di San Diego, Calif.. mentre cercava di arrampicarsi attraverso una finestra rotta di una porta ...

Matthew Perry says he had major anxiety while filming ‘Friends’ — and nobody else knew

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"Amici" star Matthew Perry has revealed that he struggled with the pressures of filming the show in front of a live studio audience, saying he felt like he was going to die "every single night." The 51-year-old a...

Clay Travis reacts to being chosen Limbaugh successor: ‘Nobody replaces a legend

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Limbaugh, a beloved titan in the industry since 1988, died of lung cancer complications in February, several days after his final appearance behind the Golden Microphone on his EIB (Eccellenza nella trasmissione) Networ...

Lindsey Graham calls Biden’s weakness towards Russia a ‘death sentence’: ‘Nobody’ is afraid of Joe Biden

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Russian President Vladimir Putin already challenged Biden once by requesting to speak with him on live TV – a task, Ha detto Graham, he knew the president would not be able to carry out. "This overall weakness is probabl...

This was the most important question of the VP debate (that nobody answered)

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Donald Trump lo è 74 years old and continues to battle a virus that has killed more than 210,000 Americani. Joe Biden lo è 77 years old and has had two brain aneurysms. Either man, if they win the White House in Novembe...