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Biden announces 5th wave of judicial nominees as Democrats aim to maintain quick pace of confirmations to federal bench

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President Joe Biden announced eight new federal judicial nominations on Wednesday as the White House seeks to maintain its rapid pace of nominations -- and confirmations -- to the federal bench. El anuncio, w ...

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2021 nominees announced

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Go ahead and brush the "Dirt Off Your Shoulder," la 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees are a "Tapestry" de "Simply The Best." If you haven't guessed yet, Jay-Z, Carole King and Tina Turner are among those ...

Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron and Tiffany Haddish among the 2020 People’s Choice Awards nominees

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los 2020 mi! People's Choice Awards, where audiences choose their favorite entertainers of the year, are taking place Sunday night in Los Angeles. Among the nominated movie stars are Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Foxx, Lin...

Hawley says he’ll hold up State and Defense Department nominees unless Blinken and Austin resign

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Washington Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said Tuesday that he will place a hold on "every single civilian nominee" for the State and Defense Departments unless Secretary Antony Blinken and Secretary Lloyd Austin resign...

BAFTA film awards 2021 nominees announced

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London Nominations for the UK's prestigious BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards have been announced. Last year's nominations were heavily criticized for their lack of diversity -- every person ...

The America reflected in this year’s Oscar nominees

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This was excerpted from the April 23 edición de Mientras tanto en América de CNN, el correo electrónico diario sobre la política estadounidense para lectores de todo el mundo. Haga clic aquí para leer ediciones anteriores y suscribirse. After a hyper-politicized year, a cro...

Se espera que Biden presente a los nominados al gabinete y los principales cargos administrativos el viernes

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Se espera que el presidente electo Joe Biden y la vicepresidenta electa Kamala Harris presenten a varios nominados al gabinete y otros cargos administrativos importantes el viernes en un evento en Wilmington., Delaware. Biden es esperado..

Cotton threatens to stall US attorney nominees from Democratic states

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Senador republicano. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is threatening to stall the nominations of US attorneys from states represented by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee in retribution for the committee's Democrats moving forw...

Emmy 2020: Como mirar, the nominees and more

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This weekend's Emmy Awards will be like unlike anything we've ever seen. 130 cameras in 10 countries Jimmy Kimmel will host the show from the Staples Center in Los Angeles but without a live audience due to the Cov...

Sacha Baron Cohen, other nominees celebrate their Golden Globe nods

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The 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards nominees were announced Wednesday morning. Here are reactions from those who scored a nod. Sacha Baron Cohen, Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture for 'The Trial of the Chicago ...

Oscars 2021: Dentro de $205,000 swag bags that nominees will receive

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One of the biggest and most well-known bags is from marketing firm Distinctive Assets. The company gives its "Everyone Wins" bags to the 25 people who were nominated for best actor, best actress, best supporting acto...

2021 Grammy nominations announced: Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Roddy Rich among top nominees

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Nominations for the 63rd annual Grammy Awards were announced Tuesday, with Beyoncé leading among the nominees with nine. Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and Roddy Rich followed Queen Bey with six nominations each. The Gramm...

Emmy Awards will replace ‘actorand ‘actressstatues with ‘Performerat the winner or nominee’s request

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The Television Academy's Board of Governors announced Monday that it has approved rule changes that will allow nominees an option to request that their nomination certificate and possible Emmy statuette use the term ...

Biden announces third slate of judicial nominees

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President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced his intent to nominate three new US Court of Appeals nominees and three new District Court nominees, marking his third slate of judicial nominations. Altogether, el presidente.

Get ready for a raft of Biden court nominees

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The Biden administration has pledged a laser-like focus on the judiciary in the coming months, vowing to not only prioritize nominations but also cast a wide net in its search for potential appointees. It is a welc...

Trump lists 20 more potential SCOTUS nominees to boost conservative support

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Seizing on a campaign promise, President Donald Trump issued an updated list of 20 potential conservative nominees for the Supreme Court, a move meant to energize his base even though there is no current vacancy on ...

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