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Sandy Hook victim’s brother on Biden ATF nominee’s assault weapon remarks: ‘Guns aren’t going anywhere

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JT Lewis joined "zorro & Amigos primero" to discuss the broader debate surrounding school safety just days after the Uvalde massacre and almost a decade after he lost his brother in Sandy Hook. "You can't really ha...

Grammy nominations 2022: See the list of nominees

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Nominations for the 2022 Grammy Awards were revealed Tuesday. John Batiste, the soulful musician who also serves as the bandleader on "El último espectáculo con Stephen Colbert," led among all nominees with 11. He celebrat...

What you need to know about Biden’s nominees

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President-elect Joe Biden has moved swiftly to build out his administration since his election last month, and has named several people to top roles in his Cabinet and other key posts. Several of Biden's picks woul...

Dr. Carol Swain ‘concernedabout Biden SCOTUS nominee’s views on critical race theory

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SCHUMER, DURBIN AND WHITEHOUSE VOTED AGAINST VAST MAJORITY OF TRUMP MINORITY APPEALS COURT NOMINEES DR. CAROL SWAIN: The Republicans should stand on the Constitution and the civil rights laws, and they should have sc...

Cotton threatens to stall US attorney nominees from Democratic states

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Senador republicano. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is threatening to stall the nominations of US attorneys from states represented by Democrats on the Judiciary Committee in retribution for the committee's Democrats moving forw...

globos dorados 2022: See the full list of nominees

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On a typical year, the Golden Globes is the gold standard for tipsy fun. But this is not a typical year for Hollywood's quirkiest award show. Todavía, even the Globes serves a time out as The Hollywood Foreign Press A...

Se espera que Biden presente a los nominados al gabinete y los principales cargos administrativos el viernes

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Se espera que el presidente electo Joe Biden y la vicepresidenta electa Kamala Harris presenten a varios nominados al gabinete y otros cargos administrativos importantes el viernes en un evento en Wilmington., Delaware. Biden es esperado..

Su. Blackburn knocks Demsdouble standard for SCOTUS nominees

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KETANJI BROWN JACKSON CITES JUSTICE AMY CONEY BARRETT AS SHE DODGES QUESTION ON COURT-PACKING MARSHA BLACKBURN: What you're seeing carried forward is how a hearing ought to be carried forward for a Supreme Court just...

Oscars 2021: Dentro de $205,000 swag bags that nominees will receive

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One of the biggest and most well-known bags is from marketing firm Distinctive Assets. The company gives its "Everyone Wins" bags to the 25 people who were nominated for best actor, best actress, best supporting acto...

GOP senators take aim at judicial nominee’s ‘rap sheetof decade-old traffic citations

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At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Republicans brought up three traffic tickets -- all a decade or more old -- that a federal appeals court nominee was issued and apparently failed to pay, leading to...

Biden to introduce Merrick Garland as attorney general pick and other key justice nominees Thursday

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President-elect Joe Biden will introduce federal appeals court Judge Merrick Garland as his pick for attorney general and other key justice nominees at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday afternoon, acuerdo...

Graham rips Demstreatment of past Republican nominees in Jackson hearing: Trabajadores encuentran una caja debajo de un monumento confederado de Jefferson Davis’

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After asking Jackson about her religion and degree of faith, Graham recognized that this line of questioning was inappropriate for a judicial confirmation. The Republican referenced the confirmation processes of Just...

The America reflected in this year’s Oscar nominees

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This was excerpted from the April 23 edición de Mientras tanto en América de CNN, el correo electrónico diario sobre la política estadounidense para lectores de todo el mundo. Haga clic aquí para leer ediciones anteriores y suscribirse. After a hyper-politicized year, a cro...

How the mainstream media backed Biden’s controversial nominees

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According to the White House, Biden’s former nominee for comptroller of the currency, Saule Omarova, estaba "one of the country’s leading academic experts on issues related to regulation of systemic risk and structural ...

Biden to introduce commerce and labor secretary nominees Friday

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President-elect Joe Biden on Friday will introduce his nominees for commerce and labor secretary and other members of his economic and jobs team at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, according to his transition team....

Future Supreme Court nominees will be grateful for Ketanji Brown Jackson’s approach

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Adam J. White is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and co-director of George Mason University's Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State. El año pasado, President Joe Biden appointed him t...