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Nintendo is partnering with a nonprofit to bring gaming consoles to hospitalized kids

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Being stuck in the hospital is no fun -- especially when you're a kid. So what better way to pass the time than by playing some video games? That's the idea behind the new Nintendo Switch gaming stations being rolle...

Hierdie tiener in Kalifornië het 'n nie-winsgewende organisasie begin om kinders te help om wetenskap te leer. Hy word pas in Stanford aanvaar

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Elke jaar, seniors op hoërskool wag angstig op toelatingsbriewe vir kollege, met die hoop dat hulle in hul droomskole aanvaar word. Ahmed Muhammad was een van hulle. Toe Muhammad dus opgeneem word in die Stanford Universit ...

Pharrell Williams begin nie-winsgewende organisasies om swart en Latino-ondernemings te help

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Pharrell Williams is nie net 'n bekroonde kunstenaar en vervaardiger van Grammy nie, maar hy is ook nogal 'n entrepreneur. En hierdie week het hy 'n inisiatief aangekondig om die stigters van swart en Latino-ondernemers te help om hul gedagtes te bereik..

Nonprofit to sue Trump administration over historic hunting, fishing expansion across 2.3M acres

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close Video Fish with 'two mouths' photo goes viral Debbie Geddes caught a unique fish in upstate New York when she was out on Lake Champlain with her husband. She snapped a photo of the double mouthed fish and n...

Trump admin teams with nonprofit to launch ‘Safety Pledgeto combat online child exploitation

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close Video How to help your child deal with the coronavirus Psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall joins Trace Gallagher to discuss how to help your child deal with coronavirus anxiety. EKSKLUSIEF: The Trump admini...

Families fear service-dog nonprofit scammed them out of thousands of dollars

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close Video Organization raises service dogs for disabled veterans Vice President and Chief Content Officer at PenFed Credit Union, Andrea McCarren and Ace, service dog in-training, joins ‘The Daily Briefing.’ ...

Non-profit band keeps the music alive for Miami seniors facing isolation during the pandemic

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As the coronavirus continues to force social restrictions, Florida musician Marisel Lopez and her band, Algo Nuevo, provide the rhythm to keep isolated seniors upbeat. Sedert Junie, the non-profit has traveled around ...