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Virginia GOP lieutenant governor nominee slams critical race theory curriculum as ‘nonsense’

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Sears, a Marine veteran, said pushed back against teaching children that 'as soon as you see a white person well they are racist, chiaramente, and so is everybody else and their family." Sears went on to say, "It's going...

McConnell says Schumer spouting ‘utter nonsense’ about election bill: ‘A solution in search of problem

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The Act, sponsored in the House by Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland, and in the Senate by Sen. Jeffrey Merkley of Oregon, garantirebbe "automatic" voter registration, require states to allow same-day voter registration...

McConnell, I repubblicani dicono che l'amministrazione Biden è d'accordo 1619 Il progetto deve essere interrotto: 'Assurdità divisiva’

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McConnell ha scritto una lettera al Segretario dell'Istruzione Miguel Cardona con più di 30 dei suoi colleghi del GOP che lanciano nuove priorità proposte per la storia americana e l'insegnamento civico come "sciocchezze divisive." "Americani ...

Fauci called out for ‘blood-boiling nonsenseafter continuing to say children should wear masks outside

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In an interview on the "OGGI" show Wednesday morning, co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Fauci why her daughter still had to wear her "little mask" getting off of the school bus but Guthrie, having been vaccinated with ...

Columbus police shooting prompts media pundits to offer ‘TV-inspired nonsenseon police tactics

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A Columbus policeman shot 16-year-old Bryant four times on Tuesday while she attacked another woman, according to bodycam footage of the incident. The woman in pink she was attacking in the video confirmed afterward ...