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Media fawning over Joe Biden for ‘return to normalcy’ are missing ‘destabilizing effects’: Ben Domenech

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Domenech explained that most media sources have been sucked into their own left-leaning narratives which have led to high praise for the new administration instead of paying attention to the specifics of policy. "Unf...

‘Die Vyf’ op Amerikaners wat weer normaal begin word

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NUUSGASheer: Hallo, almal, Ek is Jesse Watters saam met Dagen McDowell, Harold Ford, Jr., Sandra Smith, en Greg Gutfeld. Dit is 5:00 in New York City en dit is DIE VYF. Let op iets anders? ...

NFL seeks return to normalcy with draft on Lake Erie shores

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That's not exactly the slogan for the NFL draft being staged Thursday through Saturday in Cleveland. It's more at the top of the league's wish list as it allows some prospects and fans to attend the festivities — yes...

High schoolers feel sense of normalcy after COVID vaccine opens to ages 16, 17

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High school is typically filled with memorable moments, but a lot of students have been missing out because of the pandemic. A 17-year-old Arizona high school senior, Camille Kerber, has been learning remotely for ov...