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Aid workers say Ethiopia air strike in northwest Tigray killed 56 gente

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(Reuters)An air strike in Ethiopia's northern region of Tigray killed 56 people and wounded at least 30 in a camp for the internally displaced, two aid workers told Reuters on Saturday, citing local authorities and ...

Northwest to see more stormy weather, nieve

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INTERSTATE 95 TRAFFIC JAM: VIRGINIA AUTHORITIES SAY RAIN BEFORE SNOW PREVENTED PRETREATMENT WITH ICE MELT Some areas could get 4 feet of new snow in the higher elevations across the Cascades into the northern and cen...

Lluvia, pronóstico del tiempo nevado para el noroeste a medida que el sistema Clipper se mueve sobre los Grandes Lagos, Noreste

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HILOS DE TORMENTA DE NIEVE 61 EN PUB EN YORKSHIRE, INGLATERRA, POR TERCERA NOCHE, "MUCHA CERVEZA DISPONIBLE" Se espera que las acumulaciones de nieve sean generalmente ligeras. Pronóstico de mezcla invernal en los Grandes Lagos, Noreste...

One of the largest ports in North America is experiencing big delays due to flooding in Pacific Northwest, los funcionarios dicen

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There are significant delays for railways and trucks using the Canadian port city of Vancouver after severe and widespread flooding slammed the Pacific Northwest, officials said Wednesday -- and the impact could be ...

Categoría 5 río atmosférico trae niveles de río récord al noroeste del Pacífico

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CNN Weather produces a weekly column, publishing Mondays, with the weather news you should be aware of as you plan out your week. Find updates each week here. If you enjoy this, sign up to get email updates on signif...

Pacific Northwest delighted to get rain? Probably so

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Por poco 20 fires are currently burning in Washington and Oregon, but a little relief could be coming soon in the form of rain. An atmospheric river event is taking shape, which will bring lots of moisture and rain to...

Northwest sees more sizzling temperatures as heat wave hits much of US

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Scorching weather also hit other parts of the country this week. The weather service said heat advisories and warnings would be in effect from the Midwest to the Northeast and mid-Atlantic through at least Friday. PA...

Más de 100 million people are under heat alerts as sweltering temperatures grip the nation, including the already hard-hit Northwest

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As if hundreds of wildfires, crippling drought and a summer marked by a once-in-a-lifetime heat wave were not enough, más que 20 million Americans in the western US are on alert ahead of another historic heat wave...

Prolonged period of ‘potentially dangerous heatbecoming more likely for the Northwest, weather service warns

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Más que 260 million people in the United States are forecast to experience highs of at least 90 degrees by the end of this week as a new heat wave envelops the Northwest, threatening the region with record-breakin...

El calor del noroeste del Pacífico aumentará en los próximos días

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El calor también se acumulará en partes del noroeste del Pacífico durante los próximos días.. El pronóstico nacional para el viernes, mes de julio 30. (Fox News)

Northwest faces wildfire risk as hot, dry weather continues

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Red Flag Warnings and Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect. Where the wildfire risk is highest in the Northwest. (Fox News)

Flash flooding possible for Southeast, Southern Plains; heat wave continues in Northwest

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A slow-moving cold front will linger this week through the area. (Fox News) The Southwest is also still looking at the risk of some monsoonal moisture this week. HEAT WAVE IN PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND ...

Former NBA PF Royce White garners attention for oppressed Uyghurs in northwest China

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Like so many, his career was nothing to write home about, but a lot of his issues were self-inflicted. White had a dispute with the Rockets early in his rookie season regarding mental health. He was eventually remove...

Death toll in Northwest heat wave expected to continue rising

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Hundreds of deaths are being investigated as heat-related in Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia. The dangerous, record-setting heat began June 25 and only began to subside in some areas on Tuesday. TOWN RA...

As the Pacific Northwest heats up, restaurants are grappling with a new wave of challenges

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The Pacific Northwest is known for a lot of things. The heat isn't one of them. But in the last week, the region reached record-high triple digit temperatures, sending hundreds of people to the emergency room and ki...

Tropical Storm Elsa arrives, Northwest heat wave continues as Fourth of July weekend approaches

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Unsettled weather will be ongoing across the Northeast and will keep the temperatures down over the next few days. Forecast high temperatures in the West over the next few days .(Fox News)

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