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Bill and Melinda Gates divorce is ‘not a friendly split,’ sources allege: ‘A long time in the making

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Sources alleged to TMZ on Thursday that the pair had planned to share the news in March and were preparing for the big day. Melinda, 56, allegedly rented Calivigny Island in Grenada for $ 132,000 a night to escape t...

Candace Owens backs Nicki Minaj for standing up to liberal media, política: She’s ‘not playing that game’

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"Candace" host Candace Owens joined "Tucker Carlson esta noche" on Tuesday to support Minaj in her push against the leftist agenda, saying it's "good for her" for not conforming as other Hollywood stars easily do. "Thes...

Fauci says he is ‘absolutely notsurprised Trump got Covid-19

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Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is "absolutamente no" surprised President Donald Trump contracted Covid-19 after seeing him surrounded by people not wearing face masks and flouting best public health practices. Fauci, la ...

Una familia dice que su vecino reproduce grabaciones de insultos raciales y ruidos de monos. La policía dice que "no es procesable penalmente’

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Cuando la familia Martínez se mudó a su nuevo hogar en Virginia Beach, Virginia, hace cinco años, tenían sueños de criar a sus hijos y hacer una vida en su nuevo barrio callejón sin salida. "En el momento en que encontramos ....

Los investigadores de Utah "no descartan nada’ en doble homicidio cerca del incidente de la desaparición de Gabby Petito

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"Estamos mirando todo, quiero decir, cualquier cosa y todo lo que era sospechoso en ese momento o no descartamos nada en este momento," un portavoz de la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Grand le dijo a Fox News Wedne ...

Demonstrators gather outside Nashville hat store that offered ‘not vaccinatedyellow Star of David badges

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The owner of a Nashville hat store is being accused of anti-Semitism after announcing the sale of yellow Star of David badges, similar to the ones Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust, que leyó "NOT VACC...

Philadelphia ‘not safewith DA Krasner in office: Police union president

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McNesby added Krasner should be ousted amid an increase in crime in the city with criminals facing "no repercussions." He said officers have been switching parties from Republican to Democrat to oust the liberal DA. ...

Megan Rapinoe hits back at WarriorsDraymond Green for ‘not even understandingequal-pay fight

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Green made his thoughts known last week as U.S. women’s soccer players fight for the same compensation U.S. Soccer gives the men’s team — despite the clear difference in accolades. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA..

Tom Cotton warns Joe Biden ‘not up to’ taking on looming Cold War with China

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Algodón: I think China has taken President Biden's measure and found it lacking. Sabes, the president went to the United Nations General Assembly last week and gave a speech in which he refused to even say China's ...

Lara Trump says she is ‘not masking up her children’ for school, calls mandate ‘ludicrous

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WHITE HOUSE WEIGHS PUSHING MASKS AS COVID CASES INCREASE LARA TRUMP: I think it’s absolutely ludicrous. En primer lugar, we know the efficacy of masks has been long disputed. It was Dr. Fauci who, a year and a half ago,...

Bengals’ Joe Mixon slams NFL, NFLPA over updated COVID protocols: ‘Not for the players

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The league released a memo to all 32 clubs this week informing them of the updated procedures for vaccinated players, essentially lifting all COVID restrictions. BRETT FAVRE ON AARON RODGERS SKIPPING PACKERS CAMP: ‘...

Cher apologizes for ‘not appropriateGeorge Floyd tweet

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Music legend Cher has apologized for a tweet in which she theorized that she could have prevented George Floyd's death. Floyd, an unarmed black man, died in police custody in May last year after Minneapolis police ...

Tomi Lahren blasts CNN after leaked videos of staffer go viral: ‘Shockingbut ‘not surprising

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"sí, the most trusted name in news, my foot!" said Lahren. "What happened to seek the truth and report it? What happened to journalism? To holding leaders, of all political parties, explicable?" In the videos of C...

US ‘not ready to throw in the towelon Afghan talks even as Taliban violence grows

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The Biden administration has continued to back negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban, insisting the latter is still invested in the political process and political success is still possible, víspera...

Andre Rison says Jon Gruden is ‘not a racist’ amid leaked email scandal

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Rison told TMZ Sports that despite the number of Gruden’s emails that showed he used racist, homophobic and misogynistic language, he is confident in sticking up for his former head coach. Rison played under Gruden f...

Madre negra critica la teoría crítica de la raza en la reunión de la junta escolar de Florida: "No enseña la verdad’

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"Recién salido de mayo 31, marcando el 100 años [desde] los disturbios de Tulsa, Es triste que incluso estemos contemplando algo como la teoría crítica de la raza., donde los niños serán separados por su color de piel y considerados ...