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Turns out I’m not alone in hating ‘The Notebook

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Sara Stewart è una scrittrice cinematografica e culturale che vive nella Pennsylvania occidentale. Le opinioni qui espresse sono esclusivamente sue. Visualizza altri articoli di opinione sulla CNN. Recentemente, I wrote a piece about how classic movies we once lo...

Taccuino del reporter: Amy Kellogg flips the switch on Florence’s streetlights

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"We want to turn them on in the exact moment when one feels the need for artificial light," explains Matteo Casanovi, president of Silfi, the company that runs Florence's lighting systems. "And we can also save a few...

Taccuino del reporter: The passing of a prince

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Partly due to COVID-19 restrictions but also due to the royal’s own wishes, it was a relatively simple affair, scaled back and straightforward. But with all the elegant and meaningful detail, it also summed up the ma...