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Unethical race-based healthcare proposal nothing more than ‘political eugenics:’ Professor

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"I think for the first time, we are seeing hospitals that are being used by doctors as indoctrination centers and advancing their own politicized views that are using Critical Race Theory, which is a nefarious and qu...

Abbott: Biden administration ‘doing absolutely nothingabout child sex assault claims at migrant facility

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ABBOTT: Yesterday two state agencies in Texas, the Health and Human Services Commission, as well as the child protection agency, they each separately received complaints that included allegations about the sexual ass...

Sy. John Kennedy: MLB moving All-Star Game from Atlanta ‘has nothing to do with race

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KENNEDY: Forget Mars. We need to search for intelligent life in the Major League Baseball commissioner's office. I have never seen anything like this. Commissioner Manfred has a fiduciary responsibility to Major Leag...

Taiwan blames ‘external forcesfor blocking BioNTech vaccine deal. China says it had nothing to do with it

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Hong Kong The Chinese government has denied it obstructed Taiwan's coronavirus vaccine purchase from BioNTech, after the island's health minister revealed that its deal with the German drugmaker fell through at the l...

Die rede waarom ek in aanmerking kom vir 'n Covid-19-entstof, het niks te doen met die feit dat ek immuunverswak is nie. Dit moet verander

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Kendall Ciesemier is 'n skrywer en vervaardiger. Sy skryf saam 'n weeklikse adviesrubriek genaamd We Hate It Here en is mede-gasheer van die gesondheidspodcast That That Don't Kill Me. Volg haar op Twitter @kciesemier en Instagram @kendal ...

Here’s a little secret for why Congress gets nothing done

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Consider these two data points: 1) The 116th Congress was one of the five least productive Congresses in the last five decades, according to an analysis by Pew. The 116th passed a total of 344 bills that became law,...

A large majority of driver’s license suspensions in New Jersey have nothing to do with traffic safety, studie bevind

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A new study suggests that in New Jersey, traffic safety violations are not the main reason for people getting their driver's licenses suspended. The findings, which will be published in the Journal of Transport &am...

Drew Barrymore has nothing to hide as she launches her new talk show

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If there's a silver lining to decades of being tabloid fodder that Drew Barrymore is reveling in as she prepares to launch her own talk show, it's that she has nothing to hide. "One thing we want to say on this sho...

If nothing matters, Biden likely wins

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Some people call Donald Trump's term in office the "nothing matters" presidentskap. The phrase is usually applied to Trump by his detractors, who cannot believe his standing with the American public is stable despite w...