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Mississippi capital aims to lift boil water notice still in effect for 43,000 connections after February storms

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Many Jackson, Mississippi residents may finally return to a sense of normalcy regarding their water supply, which has remained strained since the capital was struck by severe winter storms in February. While water h...

Washington Monument closed ‘until further noticedue to Covid-19

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The Washington Monument will be closed "tot verdere kennisgewing" due to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Park Service said Saturday in a statement. The monument had been closed since January 11 due to security co...

People who place their ‘I Votedstickers on Susan B. Anthony’s headstone will notice something different there this year

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Vir jare, it's been a local tradition: Sticking "I Voted" stickers in Susan B. Anthony's grave. Maar hierdie jaar, things are going to look a little different at Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York, w ...

Trump administration gives notice to Congress on three planned arms sales to Taiwan

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The Trump administration has alerted Congress of its intent to move forward with three advanced weapons sales to Taiwan, a congressional aide and a source familiar told CNN Monday. The move comes as the administrati...