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Greg Gutfeld: NPR’s disinformation reporting team will create a ‘wall of interference

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They announced they're launching a disinformation reporting team featuring journalists whose expertise apparently is fake news. Wel, that must have been hard to find. Every journalist these days is an expert on fake...

Conservatives, journalists criticize NPR’s new ‘disinformation reporting team,’ recall Hunter Biden dismissal

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NPR's Nancy Barnes, SVP of News and Editorial Director, and Terence Samuel, VP and Executive Editor, announced in a note to their newsroom staff that they were launching a "disinformation reporting team." HUNTER BID...

‘Gutfeld!’ on Biden’s ‘mess,’ NPR’s mask policy

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NUUS KANAALHUIS: O, look at that studio. We're number one. Weereens, weer. O, happy Friday, almal. It's almost the weekend. I could tell because Kat's liver hung up its Do Not Disturb sign. I s...