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‘Chernobyl: The Lost Tapespresents a harrowing window into the nuclear disaster

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Even if you watched the Emmy-winning 2019 Miniserie HBO (ma fa presagire discussioni più difficili tra i democratici, incidentally), "[object Window]: The Lost Tapes" has plenty to offer as a documentary companion, presenting a former Soviet Union where the fondness f...

World’s nuclear arsenals on the rise as concerns grow over China and North Korea

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The world's biggest powers might have once pledged to work toward a world without nuclear weapons, but global stockpiles are expected to rise over the coming decade, secondo un nuovo rapporto. "There are clear indic...

North Korea appoints nuclear negotiator as first woman foreign minister

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Seoul, South Korea North Korea has named a top nuclear negotiator as the nation's first female foreign minister, state media reported Saturday, amid warnings from the US that Pyongyang is preparing to conduct a nucle...

US warns Iran’s recent actions could lead to a ‘deepening nuclear crisis

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US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said Thursday that it will "further complicate" efforts to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal if Iran removes cameras that monitor its nuclear program and could lead to "a deepenin...

NATO won’t seek military bases, nuclear weapons in Finland, Dice PM

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin made the announcement to an Italian newspaper on Thursday, days after Finland formally requested membership in NATO. "There isn't even interest [within NATO] to put nuclear weapons ...

New satellite images reveal North Korea has restarted construction on long-dormant nuclear reactor

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North Korea appears to have resumed construction at a long-dormant nuclear reactor in recent weeks that, if completed, would dramatically increase its capacity to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons, secondo ...

Opinione: Families suffered from America’s nuclear testing. They still need help

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Ben Ray Luján is the junior United States senator from New Mexico. Le opinioni espresse in questo commento sono le sue. Read more opinion articles on CNN. As the sun rose over Tularosa, Nuovo Messico, a luglio 16, 1945, ...

Medvedev: NATO’s involvement in Russia-Ukraine conflict brings risk of ‘full-fledged nuclear war

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Medvedev, who now is the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, wrote in a Telegram post that such an escalation would be a "catastrophic scenario for everyone." "The pumping of Ukraine by NATO countries with...

Putin accusa l'Occidente di sostenere le minacce di "guerra nucleare".,’ provocando il conflitto in Ucraina

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"La Russia ha sempre sostenuto un sistema internazionale di uguaglianza," Putin ha detto, secondo una traduzione dell'outlet tedesco Deutsche-Welle. "Abbiamo sempre cercato di trovare soluzioni di compromesso... Altri paesi ...

Finnish group ditches Russian-built nuclear plant plan

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HelsinkiFinnish-led consortium Fennovoima said on Monday it had scrapped a contract for Russia's state-owned Rosatom to build a nuclear power plant in Finland, citing delays and increased risks due to the war in Ukra...

I sauditi svilupperebbero una bomba "il giorno successivo".’ se l'accordo nucleare con l'Iran portasse alla capacità delle armi: esperti

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"Se l'Iran diventasse nucleare domani, il giorno successivo i sauditi avrebbero probabilmente acquistato un'arma nucleare dal Pakistan o avrebbero intensificato il proprio programma nucleare," disse Jim Phillips, un ricercatore senior per gli affari mediorientali..

Zelenskyy’s demand for Russia’s nuclear arsenal; Dems return to same-old scapegoat for impending election woes

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STANDING HIS GROUND - Despite spiraling drug and crime crises, one Bay Area resident says he will stay and fight to save his city. Continue reading … 2A TASK FORCE - Donald Trump Jr. is launching a new gun rights gro...

Zelenskyy demands ‘global controlover Russia’s nuclear capabilities after ‘completely irresponsible actions

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"Every year on April 26th, the world remembers the Chernobyl disaster, the worst nuclear disaster in human history," Zelenskyy began. "But this year it is not enough just to remember Chernobyl… because this year, Rus...

US defense secretary being regularly briefed on any potential Russian nuclear moves

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The US military is keeping a constant watch on Russia's nuclear arsenal as the war in Ukraine continues and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is being briefed two or three times a week by the top US general who oversee...

Biden launches $6B effort to save distressed nuclear plants

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A certification and bidding process opened Tuesday for a civil nuclear credit program that is intended to bail out financially distressed owners or operators of nuclear power reactors, gli Stati Uniti. Department of Energy t...

Former Russian foreign minister reveals precisely when Putin may pull trigger on nuclear weapons

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"They could be used, but in very, very specific situations," former Russian foreign minister Andrei Kozyrev told Fox News Digital. "If Russia or one of those countries really threatened in their hearts – existentiall...