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I numeri di uragani e tifoni stanno diminuendo, reperti di studio, anche se diventano più distruttivi

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Prima dell'era dei satelliti, era quasi impossibile sapere se un uragano si fosse verificato in mare aperto a meno che una nave non fosse abbastanza sfortunata da imbattersi in esso. E gli scienziati per decenni hanno cercato di ricostruire....

Flag Day by the numbers: 10 facts about the American flag

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Patriotic Americans throughout the country will pay tribute to the national flag, which was adopted nearly a year after the U.S. declared its independence. In honor of Flag Day, here are 10 facts you should know abou...

Memorial Day by the numbers: Facts about the solemn American holiday

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While some Americans will use the federal holiday as a time to celebrate and recharge, others view it as a day of mourning. If you’re not certain why that is, here are 10 number-based facts about how Memorial Day cam...

The high-stakes Georgia primaries, by the numbers

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Pennsylvania may still not be done counting votes, but the next round of primaries is already fast approaching. Next Tuesday, five states will hold primary elections. But it's Georgia that will be at the center of t...

Record numbers of people displaced in their own countries in a ‘world falling apart

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(Reuters)In a world beset by conflicts and natural disasters, the number of people who fled their homes and sought shelter within their own countries hit a record high of close to 60 million by the end of last year,...

Media, esperti economici reagiscono ai numeri di inflazione di aprile: «Non molto conforto’

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L'inflazione si è leggermente raffreddata per la prima volta in diversi mesi ad aprile, ma è rimasto comunque alto come l'indice dei prezzi al consumo (CPI) è entrato a 8.3%. Nel mese di marzo, l'inflazione ha colpito 8.5%, che era un altro record di 40 anni. Nucleo p...

Obama said his poll numbers ‘were almost perfectly correlated with the price of gasoline’: FedEx CEO

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Obama "uno [tempo] told me in a small group that everybody thought his poll numbers went up on this, that and the other thing," Smith told host Bret Baier. "He said they were almost perfectly correlated with the price...

Non credo che stia gestendo questo paese come dovrebbe

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Su "Un bambino perso all'interno del palazzo di Playboy," Non credo che stia gestendo questo paese come dovrebbe. Non credo che stia gestendo questo paese come dovrebbe.

This man won the lottery using his little brother’s license plate numbers

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A lucky Maryland man snagged a $ 25,000 lottery prize after playing the numbers on his younger brother's license plate. The anonymous Windsor Mill winner, who used the name "Big Fish" to share his story, won the pr...

UN: Russia’s Ukraine war sees at least 1,430 civilians killed, numbers expected to rise significantly

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That number is likely just the tip of the iceberg as the group has been unable to gain access to areas of heavy fighting. L'ONU. Ufficio dell'Alto Commissario per i diritti umani (OHCHR) officially confirmed that 1,...

April FoolsDay by the numbers: Fun and strange facts about the day

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While the day has been celebrated by practical jokers for hundreds of years, very few know the origins of April Fools'. Here are a few number-focused facts that’ll expand your knowledge about the strange day. APRIL...

MSNBC, CNN, WaPo and more worry about Biden’s poll numbers, fret that he isn’t getting enough credit

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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, on multiple occasions, attempted to paint Biden’s handling of the economy in a positive light despite record inflation, sky-high gas prices and poor poll numbers for the president. During a March...

Former Clinton pollster on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Biden poll numbers a ‘dire situation

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"People question some of the competence. The generic horse race in our poll is Republicans by six points. This is a dire situation calling for the president to do a pivot," Stagwell Inc. chairman and CEO Mark Penn to...

I’ve crunched some Oscars numbers: Here’s who will win, how many will watch and more

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The Super Bowl of the arts is coming on Sunday night. And while Americans may not pay attention to the Academy Awards as they used to, they still pack a punch. The films and those who make the films (attori, actres...

Spring break trends, top spots and much more: [object Window]

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MIAMI BEACH PREPARING FOR UNRULY SPRING BREAK CROWDS Despite lingering concerns about the COVID pandemic — plus worries about the high price of gas — today's sunseekers (including those with enough cash on hand to ma...

Migrant numbers picking up steam at the border as Dems push Biden admin to end Title 42 restrizioni

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C'erano 164,973 encounters in February, rispetto a 101,099 encounters in February last year, a month that preceded a massive surge in numbers in the spring and summer months that overwhelmed Border Patrol. In Feb...