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Una coppia vince il jackpot — dopo aver giocato la stessa serie di numeri per 26 anni

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La persistenza paga. Dopo aver giocato la stessa serie di numeri per 26 anni, una coppia della Carolina del Nord ha finalmente vinto il jackpot. Terry Coggeshall di Durham e sua moglie hanno portato a casa $ 366,000 la scorsa settimana dopo aver vinto il ...

Why the coronavirus numbers are likely to keep getting worse

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Sondaggio della settimana: A new Gallup poll finds that just 49% of Americans say they would shelter in place if public health officials recommended it because of a coronavirus outbreak. That's down significantly from the 6...

Record numbers are voting by mail. Here’s when states can start processing those ballots.

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Voters are casting ballots early in record numbers this year amid the pandemic -- and that's prompting concerns that it might wind up taking longer than expected to get election results, as officials process million...

Drones to drop seeds to boost koala gum tree numbers after devastating Australia bushfires

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Specialized drones are being tested in a program to boost koala numbers on Australia's east coast, dropping seeds of gum trees as part of a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) scheme to regenerate bushland torched in the count...

Youth-focused groups say they had record numbers for National Voter Registration Day

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Youth-focused voter engagement organizations saw record high voter registration and engagement numbers on National Voter Registration Day. Motivated in part by the Covid-19 death toll, the death of Supreme Court Jus...

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