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Morgan Wallen wins big at Billboard Music Awards following n-word controversy

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"I got the best d--- aanhangers," Wallen said during his acceptance speech. "Thank you to my momma for being my date tonight. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you to the Billboards for inviting me here," hy het gesê. Wall...

Joe Rogan is ‘consciously racist’ for using the N-word, India Arie says: ‘I don’t think he fully understands’

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Op Feb.. 5, Spotify’s popular U.S. podcaster apologized after a video compilation surfaced that showed him using a racial slur in clips of episodes over a 12-year span. The apology came after the Grammy-winning singer...

CNN changes headline comparing Joe Rogan’s use of N-word to Jan. 6

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The article, which is classified as an analysis, is getiteld, "Joe Rogan's use of the n-word is another January 6 moment." The analysis opened by noting Rogan "did not join a mob" and rush and deface the Capitol, befor...

Elvis Costello wants his own song ‘Oliver’s Armybanned over use of N-word

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"People hear that word go off like a bell and accuse me of something that I didn’t intend," he told The Telegraph in an interview. The song is about British imperialism and Northern Ireland and contains a reference ...

Nick Bosa se vriendin vlug na sosiale media na sosiale media, homofobiese twiets kom na vore

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Berman het Sondag onder skoot gekom toe die Twitter -rekening, "Weerstaan ​​programmering," het 'n reeks tweets weer verskyn 2013 en 2014, waarin die dokter-assistent-student blykbaar die N-woord herhaaldelik gebruik het, ook ...

Alabama councilman rejects requests to resign after using n-word in council meeting

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An Alabama city councilmember has rejected requests to resign after he used the n-word earlier this week at a city council meeting. The Alabama Democratic Party asked Tarrant city councilmember Tommy Bryant to re...

'N Swart polisiebeampte in Florida is afgedank omdat hy die N-woord gebruik het, maar sy polisie-unie wil hê hy moet weer ingestel word

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'N Swart polisiebeampte in Florida is vandeesweek afgedank nadat beeldmateriaal van sy lyfkamera gewys het hoe hy die N-woord gebruik het tydens 'n persoonlike oproep en verlede jaar in hegtenis geneem. Delvin White, 'n agt jaar ...

Michigan man charged with hate crimes after he allegedly attacked a group of Black teenagers and called them the N-word

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A Michigan man is facing both a state and federal hate crime charge, after allegedly approaching a group of three Black teenagers at a state park and knocking one in the face with a bike lock. The Black teen,wie is ...

White woman calls the wife of Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor the n-word while grocery shopping

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The wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor alleges she was insulted with a racial slur while grocery shopping this week. Gisele Barreto Fetterman, who is married to Pennsylvania Lt. Goewerneur. John Fetterman, told CNN...