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Dogs in bomb-detecting harnesses help NYPD patrol the city

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The technology is called TREDD, which stands for "Transit Enhanced Detection Dog." It takes the idea of the bomb-sniffing dog to a whole new level. TREDD is an advanced explosive detection system. It pairs canines t...

New York City taxi plows into crowd, NYPD says at least 3 gravemente ferito

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The NYPD said during an afternoon news briefing that five people had been struck, three of whom suffered critical injuries. One was a bicyclist who the cab driver collided with first during a left-hand turn onto the ...

6 people hospitalized after taxi jumps curb in New York City, Dice NYPD

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A New York taxi cab jumped the curb and struck several people in central Manhattan on Monday, sending six people to local hospitals, including three with life-threatening injuries, hanno detto le autorità. The crash occurr...

NY lawmaker rips Mayor Adams as NYPD sees officer exodus: Stop ‘partyingand focus on crime

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Republican congressional candidate Mike Lawler joined "Volpe & Prima gli amici" to discuss how crime is impacting the exodus. "Obviously Mayor Adams inherited a mess from Bill de Blasio, ma sfortunatamente, he really...

Ragazza, 16, stabbed in random NYC daytime attack; NYPD searching for suspect

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The stabbing occurred at approximately 6 p.m. on a Sunday evening in front of a juice bar at 1091 Rutland Road in Brooklyn.

NYPD ‘looking intoassault against Asian man at subway station captured on video

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An NYPD spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the Department is "consapevole" of recent videos circulating on social media that appear to show a group of men beating an Asian man at the Lower Manhattan subway station on ...

Sparatoria in una scuola del Texas: Former NYPD Commissioner Bratton warns ‘it will happen again

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UVALDE, TIRO A SCUOLA TEXAS: TIMELINE OF MASSACRE THAT LEFT AT LEAST 19 CHILDREN, 2 TEACHERS DEAD BILL BRATTON: It is quite clear that the first story is never the last story. They evolve over time. voi, for the ma...

New York City non merita il NYPD, la migliore polizia del mondo

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Torna nei primi anni '90, mentre la città assediata si stava riprendendo da decenni di assedio criminale, il dipartimento di polizia di New York City ha sistematicamente smontato il mito che il crimine e il disordine fossero endemici. ...

Texas shooting: Retired NYPD lieutenant calls for school resource officers to be armed

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DARRIN PORCHER: This is a very unfortunate narrative, tuttavia, it keeps repeating itself — it's somewhat repetitive. As modern-day law enforcement, we’re really great on the response, tuttavia, the problem that we hav...

NYPD searching for brazen purse-snatcher who robbed 90-year-old woman in Manhattan

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The theft happened around 6:45 p.m. a Maggio 10 di fronte a 20 West 64th Street in Manhattan’s Upper West side neighborhood, ha detto la polizia. The incident comes as citywide grand larceny has spiked 51.8% so far this year, ...

‘Bosch: Legacyactress Danielle Larracuente, daughter of retired NYPD officers, on her cop role: ‘So surreal

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L'attrice, the daughter of two retired NYPD officers, was recently cast as rookie Paulina Calderon in "Bosch: Legacy." "This is such a big milestone for me," the 30-year-old told Fox News Digital. "It’s been a drea...

NYPD investigates assault on rabbi in latest anti-Semitic incident in New York City

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The New York Police Department's Hate Crime Task Force is investigating an assault on a Long Island rabbi by an attacker who allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks and referenced Nazis, la polizia ha detto sabato. The 32-yea...

New York man shoves NYPD officer, flees on foot after being stopped at gunpoint in Manhattan: video

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Three officers can be seen approaching a red Toyota sedan on E 59th St. between Park and Lexington Ave with guns drawn and motioning for the occupants to get out. "Show me your hands! Get out of the car!" the office...

Murdered NYC mom Orsolya Gaal: NYPD arrests 44-year-old David Bonola in gruesome Queens slaying

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Cops arrested 44-year-old David Bonola just before 1 a.m. Thursday and charged him with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon, ha detto la polizia di New York. Bonola was not a stranger to the victim and has n...

NYPD traces blood trail after finding slain mother in a duffel bag on Queens sidewalk

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Orsolya Gaal was pronounced dead at the scene after someone called 911 to report a suspicious bag with blood on it. The NYPD secures the scene where Gaal's body was discovered in a duffel bag in Queens. ...

Ret. NYPD officer shares what to do if you hear gun shots

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BILL STANTON: I like to say complacency is our enemy because every day we go through life — rat race, sai, our earbuds in, on the not-so-smart-phone — and we're in a bubble. You hear shots go off and you have al...