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Lil Kim, her fans fire back at 50 Cent after he compares singer to a ‘leprechaun’: ‘So obsessed with me’

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The rapper, 46, deleted then reposted the video that showed Lil Kim walking in reverse while performing on stage before the clip shifts to a scene from the movie "Leprechaun" in which the character is seen sneakily b...

‘Squid Game’: What it is and why you will be obsessed with it

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Netflix's latest hit really kills. "Squid Game" is a South Korean fictional drama in which contestants who are deeply in debt play children's games in order to win a ton of cash. The downside is that losers will be...

DeSantis charges Biden ‘obsessed’ with Florida, during Nebraska speech bordering Iowa

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But DeSantis sure made it sound like he was running against the president as he addressed a conservative crowd at a political fundraising event in Nebraska City, Nebraska, which is just across the Missouri River from...

DeSantis: Biden ‘obsessed with Florida’ while ushering illegal immigrants across the southern border

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RON DESANTIS: Tucker, it was standard data entry and they took three days of data, put it over two, obviously made it look like it was a massive increase. I do not know exactly what happened. I do not know what the m...

Sean Hannity: Why are Democrats, Dr. Fauci still obsessed with masks?

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FAUCI BLASTED FOR SAYING 'NO DOUBT' CHILDREN 3 YEARS AND OLDER SHOULD WEAR MASKS SEAN HANNITY: What happened to trusting the science, Comrade de Blasio? The vaccines work, right? Now, vaccines are available to anyone...

Nicki Minaj is obsessed with ‘The Crown’ — like, really obsessed

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Nicki Minaj says she is "obsessing" over "The Crown" after binge-watching seasons of the royal drama. In an open letter to fans, shared on her website, the 38-year-old rapper praised the "entire cast, writers &...

Novak Djokovic responds to Rafal Nadal’s remark that he is ‘obsessed’ with records: ‘What I feel is passion’

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Nadal said during a recent interview with Metro that he "enjoys" playing tennis but does not obsess over it like Djokovic who has said he hopes to one day hold the record for the most Grand Slams.  FEDERER TO PLAY TH...

Donald Trump is (still) totally obsessed with crowd size

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With his political career on the line in mere days, President Donald Trump is still fixated on making sure that everyone knows he can still draw a crowd. A big one. Witness this exchange between Trump and "60 Minute...