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Octavia Spencer vra Britney Spears en Sam Asghari om verskoning vir 'n grappie

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Octavia Spencer het Britney Spears privaat om verskoning gevra ná 'n grap wat sy gemaak het nadat die sanger haar verlowing aan Sam Asghari aangekondig het.. "Julle, 'n Paar dae gelede het Sam en Britney hul verlowing aangekondig en m...

‘Thunder Forcestars Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer on how real-life friendship helps movie

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The actors spoke to Fox News while promoting their new film about how their connection off-screen helps their performance on-screen. The pair play superheroes who fight crime after ingesting a special formula that gi...

‘Thunder Forceteams Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in a weak superhero spoof

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Melissa McCarthy teams up with husband Ben Falcone again on "Thunder Force," a comedic dud that's aptly titled, since it makes loud noises without really needing to be seen. The one thing unlikely to be heard during...

NASA named the Perseverance rover’s landing spot for Octavia E. dienskneg, the pioneering Black science-fiction author

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Though they starred aliens, vampires and time travelers, Octavia E. Butler's celebrated science-fiction novels were often grounded on Earth. Her name and enduring legacy, wel, have made it as far as the Red Plane...