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Mysterious ‘odd radio circlesseen in space, new image shows

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Skryf in vir die nuusnuusbrief van CNN se Wonder Theory -wetenskap. Verken die heelal met nuus oor fassinerende ontdekkings, wetenskaplike vooruitgang en meer. There is a new kind of mystery object in space, and after capturing t...

Chris Watts’ neighbor recalls chilling encounter with ‘family annihilator’ in doc: ‘It was really odd’

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It was a Sunday morning, and the grandmother was sipping on coffee out on her back porch while dog-sitting with her children out of town. "I saw him on his porch and said, ‘Good morning,’" Knox told Fox News Digital....

Good Samaritans help wayward sea lion that wandered onto San Diego freeway: ‘Odd situations

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The sighting happened at 9:40 am. on state Route 94 and was recorded on video by a driver who was stopped in the eastbound lanes. The video shows two people stopping and waving on traffic when a sea lion suddenly ap...

Gabby Petito: Soektogbewyse -dokumente toon 'vreemde tekste',’ spanning in dae wat tot verdwyning lei

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Opdatering van Gabby Petito: Deursoekingsdokumente onthul 'vreemde tekste','spanning in dae wat gelei het tot verdwyning Een van die laaste boodskappe wat Gabby Petito se familie glo van haar ontvang het, was in die vorm ...

Opdatering van Gabby Petito: Soektogbewyse -dokumente toon 'vreemde tekste'’ in dae voor verdwyning

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Gabrielle Petito, 22, het haar ma gestuur, Nichole Schmidt, 'n SMS op Augustus 27, waarin sy geskryf het: "Kan jy Stan help, Ek kry steeds sy stemboodskappe en gemiste oproepe," lui die soekbevel, ingedien in t ...

Scott Disick shops with new woman as Harry Hamlin admits age gap between Disick and daughter Amelia is ‘odd

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Maar Woensdag, the reality TV star, 38, was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills, Kalifornië, with a new woman while the model, 20, was seen elsewhere leaving a friend's house. Their relationship is a major topic of dis...