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Lucasfilm fires ‘The Mandalorianstar Gina Carano after offensive social media posts

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Gina Carano, who starred as the unassailable warrior Cara Dune in "Die Mandalorian," won't appear in any future Star Wars projects after she shared offensive social media posts, including one that compared Nazi Germ...

Offensive lineman Chad Wheeler arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence, waived by Seattle Seahawks

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Now-former Seahawks player Chad Wheeler was arrested Friday on suspicion of felony domestic violence after an incident at a residence in a Seattle suburb, police and court records say. The incident began at around 9...

Concern of outright war in Ethiopia grows as PM presses military offensive

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Ethiopia's prime minister stepped up a military offensive in the northern region of Tigray on Sunday with air strikes as part of what he called a "law enforcement operation," increasing fears of outright civil war in...

A new perspective on Trump’s charm offensive with North Korea

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This was excerpted from the September 17 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. For a moment during the early day...