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Carole Baskin offering to help ‘Tiger Kingget out of prison

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Joe exótico, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced in January 2020 a 22 years in federal prison for violating federal wildlife laws and for his role in a failed murder-for-hire plot targeting his...

Colorado se une a Ohio para ofrecer lotería de vacunas COVID-19 por $ 1 millón

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Todos los coloradenses más 18 que han recibido al menos una dosis de la vacuna COVID-19 son elegibles para una $ 1 premio de un millón; Los residentes que han sido vacunados se ingresan automáticamente en el "Efectivo de regreso de Colorado"...

Columnist suggests Fauci offering mixed messaging on vaccines to prolong his ‘moment in the spotlight’

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Stephen L. Miller’s latest column for The Spectator, "The perpetual pandemic," examines why he feels "politicos, pundits and ‘experts’ don’t want COVID to end." Miller noted the devastating impact of the pandemic b...

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FBI hunting man accused of 11 bank robberies across multiple states, offering $10K reward

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The unidentified suspect was nicknamed the "Route 91 Bandit" after committing the robberies in various cities and towns along the I-91 corridor, which stretches 290 miles north to south from Connecticut to Vermont, t ...

FBI offering $10,000 for help in finding serial bank robber nicknamed the ‘Route 91 Bandit

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is asking for the public's help in locating a man nicknamed the "Route 91 Bandit," who they say is responsible for at least 11 bank robberies in New England over the past five mon...

George Soros-funded Bard College offering course on how to ‘sellprison abolition ‘to the masses

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los "Abolishing Prisons and the Police" class being offered at Bard College will teach students how to "'sell'" abolition to the masses and design a multi-media ad campaign to make prison abolition go viral," acuerdos ...

Hawaii is offering free round trips to remote workers who want to live there temporarily

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Quieres más inspirador, noticias positivas? Regístrese para The Good Stuff, un boletín para el bien de la vida. Iluminará tu bandeja de entrada todos los sábados por la mañana.. What better way to survive a pandemic than to do it on a beach...

Hertz is offering a free rental day to help voters exercise their civic duty for Election Day

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Hertz is helping people get to the polls by offering a free rental day. The rental car company is calling the program "Drive the Vote." Any customer who rents a car starting on November 2 for two or more days will ...

Hilton slams Jen Psaki for offering ‘wokest ideologyafter Ohio police shooting

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PSAKI CALLS OHIO FATAL POLICE SHOOTING OF TEEN WHO APPEARED TO ATTACK OTHERS 'TRAGIC' STEVE HILTON: Most reasonable people watching that and the more we learn about it would say it's an incredibly tough situation. Th ...

House passes bill offering nearly $14 billion in aid to Ukraine

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The defense portion passed by a vote of 361-69, and the domestic portion passed by a vote of 260-171 with one present vote. The House voted after months of stalling and debate as Congress faced a Friday deadline to a...

Houston hospital system is offering its employees a $500 bonus if they get Covid-19 vaccine

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Houston Methodist, a Texas hospital system with more than 26,000 empleados, is offering a $ 500 bonus to workers if they get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Houston Methodist employees are eligible for a ...

Ikea is offering a tiny apartment in Tokyo for less than $1 por mes

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(CNN Business)Swedish retailer Ikea is becoming a landlord in Japan with a tiny apartment it will rent out in Tokyo. The 10-square-meter (107-square-foot) apartment is located in the Shinjuku district and will cost ...

Illinois offering free health care to some illegal immigrants

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The program will provide the free health care to undocumented individuals between the ages of 55 y 64, [object Window]. The program expands upon the state’s effort to provide health benefits for immigrant se...

Israel offering Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster to at-risk adults

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The move comes about a week after the country reported that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine efficacy in preventing infection and symptomatic diseases had fallen to 64% amid a rise in the Delta variant and a decrease in m...

Kamala Harris panned for offering ‘word saladat WH event with Jamaican prime minister: ‘Is she punking us?’

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During Wednesday's event, Harris and Holness touted relations between the U.S. and Jamaica and offered highlights of what was discussed in their meeting. sin embargo, the vice president raised eyebrows when the attempte...