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Offre l'attore Dave Bautista $20,000 in caso di lamantino raschiato con la parola "TRUMP’

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Esiste già una ricompensa per le informazioni che portano alla persona o alle persone responsabili della scrittura "BRISCOLA" su un lamantino in Florida, ma l'attore Dave Bautista sta facendo un ulteriore passo avanti. Il "Guardiani della Galassia" ...

Jason Rantz offers advice to aspiring conservative radio, podcast hosts: ‘Know what you want to say

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Rantz participated in a discussion at Turning Point USA's Student Action Summit in Tampa called "From Podcasting to Broadcasting, Breaking In and Standing Out," speaking to young conservatives about successfully buil...

Chicago offers meals, ‘Save Haven sitesfor children while schools unexpectedly close

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CHICAGO TEACHER BATTLING CANCER REFUSES TO STOP IN-PERSON CLASSES: ‘I WANT MY LIFE TO BE RELEVANT RIGHT NOW’ Schools closed Wednesday and Thursday as Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) ...

Groom-to-be offers up bridesmaid instead of money to pay for wedding musician

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A common problem for people working in the wedding industry is people trying to get services for free. Weddings are expensive and many couples would love not to have to pay for a photographer. While it seems to be co...

Offerte dell'FBI $10,000 ricompensa per informazioni sulla scomparsa di una donna nativa americana

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L'FBI ha annunciato una ricompensa per le informazioni su Mary Johnson, una donna nativa americana scomparsa dalla riserva di Tulalip nello stato di Washington a dicembre 2020. L'agenzia offre $ 10,000 per informarsi...

Ukraine war offers vital lessons on deterring China from invading Taiwan

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That’s the assessment of Adm. Phil Davidson, ex Stati Uniti. Indo-Pacific Command chief, in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last year. Other experts see an invasion happening even sooner, but most agree that un...

Store offers color-coded bracelets to show social distancing comfort levels

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As Americans try to navigate a return to at least some level of pre-pandemic life, a grocery store in Wisconsin is trying something new to help ease the awkwardness and fear that can come with that. Metcalfe's Mark...

Fort Worth School District offers teachers a course on ‘critical race theory

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"The superintendent and the bureaucracy are doing a disservice to the students by teaching them that color is everything, that America is oppressive, and that White supremacy is everywhere," Carlos Turcios, a young a...

Steelers longtime exec Kevin Colbert offers heartfelt goodbye

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"I don’t want to say better than," Colbert told reporters when asked how he was leaving the franchise. "I’m proud to say we added to that [trophy] room. It was four trophies. There was four when we got here. And you ...

Dormi sul lavoro? Offerte dell'azienda $3,000 per "La bella addormentata"’ per testare i materassi

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E se potessi essere pagato per dormire? Bene, indovina un po -- Puoi: $ 3,000 per essere precisi. Drogato del sonno, una piattaforma di revisione del materasso, sta cercando un file "Bella Addormentata" chi verrà pagato per aver dormito. "Il nostro Slee ...

NBA HOF’er Scottie Pippen offers his home on Airbnb this summer

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The former Bulls forward is offering his two-bedroom, one-bathroom home for an affordable $ 92 una notte. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . You can book stays on August 2nd, 4th and 6th. Guests are responsibl...

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh apparently ready to ‘entertain’ NFL offers

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In realtà, those rumors have been swirling for a week. But now they’re sure to pick up a little steam, as the father of Michigan recruit says Harbaugh admitted he may be headed for the pros. CLICCA QUI PER ULTERIORI SPORT ...

Lo stato dell'Ohio offre soluzioni in altri cinque casi di vittime di abusi sessuali che coinvolgono l'ex medico scolastico Richard Strauss

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Alcune delle presunte vittime di abusi dell'ex medico della Ohio State University Richard Strauss potrebbero ottenere di più $ 250,000 come parte di un programma di risoluzione individuale per i sopravvissuti coinvolti in cinque cause legali attive, ...

LeBron James recalls flirting with NFL offers during Peyton, Eli Manning broadcast

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The idea of James playing professional football was thought of during the NBA’s lockout in 2011. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . James appeared on ESPN’s "Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli" e lui ...

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Colts’ Carson Wentz offers advice to 49ersrookie Trey Lance

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Wentz, now with the Indianapolis Colts, offered some advice at a charity event in Fargo over the weekend for fellow North Dakota State alum Trey Lance as he prepares for training camp with the San Francisco 49ers, per...