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A Florida officer is charged after a botched arrest resulted in an explosion that left a suspect with burns over much of his body

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A Florida deputy and a suspect are facing charges in relation to a botched arrest earlier this year in which an explosion allegedly set off by a Taser left the suspect with burns over much of his body, Osceola Count...

Ex-Minneapolis Police officer Thomas Lane pleads guilty to manslaughter in George Floyd’s death

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Former Minneapolis Police officer Thomas Lane pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter Wednesday related to his role in the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said in a...

Buffalo shooting victims identified, include police officer, diacono, local pantry chef

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Several of the victims killed at the Tops Friendly Market were community members or had personal connections with those who actively serviced the local community, including a local food pantry chef and the mother of ...

SWAT officer saves an unresponsive baby by performing CPR

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An Atlanta police officer saved an unresponsive 4-month-old baby after performing CPR on him Friday, ha detto il dipartimento. The fortuitous encounter happened around noon when SWAT officer Robert Oden saw a vehicle dri...

Atlanta police officer saves 4-month-old baby after administering CPR during chance encounter

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SWAT officers typically respond to "dangerous situations, challenging details, riots and other potentially deadly incidents," but giving "CPR to a 4-month-old baby is not a routine part of a SWAT officer's day," APD ...

Manhunt underway after convicted murderer escapes after allegedly attacking officer driving prison bus

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A convicted murderer is on the run in Leon County, Texas, after fleeing a prison transportation bus after he assaulted a corrections officer, i funzionari hanno detto giovedì. Gonzalo Lopez, 46, was serving a life sentence f...

Georgia police officer saves life of toddler who stopped breathing: ‘An angel sent here from God

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Woodstock Police Officer Barron Dixon was heading home after finishing his shift on Thursday when the call was dispatched, ha detto la polizia. Dixon, who was nearby the address, jumped into action without hesitation and was...

Quello che sappiamo di Casey White, il prigioniero dell'Alabama che è scappato con un ufficiale penitenziario

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L'imputato di omicidio che è scappato da un centro di detenzione dell'Alabama con un funzionario penitenziario ad aprile 29 ha precedenti esperienze nel tentativo di evadere di prigione e conquistando la fiducia dei suoi rapitori. Casey Bianco, 38, era la...

Raleigh police shoot man suspected of using Molotov cocktails to set cars on fire and threaten an officer

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A man who allegedly used incendiary devices to set police cars on fire at a North Carolina police station was killed after he also threatened an officer with one of the devices, the Raleigh police chief said. "Il ...

Più di una settimana dopo la loro scomparsa, un detenuto dell'Alabama ed ex ufficiale penitenziario hanno lasciato pochi indizi per gli investigatori sulle loro tracce

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Mentre la ricerca continua per un ex ufficiale penitenziario dell'Alabama scomparso e un detenuto accusato di omicidio, le autorità rimangono all'oscuro di dove la coppia potrebbe essere andata a cercare il SUV che hanno usato dopo aver lasciato la prigione..

Retired Las Vegas officer who responded to Harvest Festival shooting reveals what’s ‘alwaysin his bag

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Packe spoke about the heroism he saw the day of the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, the strength of the LVMPD and the importance of establishing positive relationships between police and community...

Yelp’s chief diversity officer calls for other companies to speak out in favor of abortion

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"Abortion is an issue many companies have shied away from," Warren ha detto. "The days of companies not wading into political issues, or not speaking out on things that are perceived as private or personal, are over," S...

Gli angeli: Almeno 1 police officer injured during clash with abortion rights protesters

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Photos and videos online show officers mostly monitoring the crowd, which grew from a peaceful gathering of about 30 people outside the federal courthouse building to over 250 people flooding the streets and blocking...

Casey White scappa: Timeline for Alabama murder suspect on the run with corrections officer

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The two are not related, secondo le autorità. They were last seen driving a 2007 copper Ford Edge SUV on Friday, with damage to the rear bumper, according to law enforcement. The license plate number was not imm...

Former Philadelphia police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old in back charged with murder, Dice DA

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A former Philadelphia police officer who fatally shot a 12-year-old boy in the back in March has been charged with first-degree murder, District Attorney Larry Krasner announced Monday, saying the boy was unarmed an...

An Alabama inmate and a corrections officer are missing. Here’s what we know

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Authorities in Alabama are searching for a corrections officer and an inmate charged with murder after they went missing on Friday. Vicki White, assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County, took Casey W...