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NYC mayor ‘troubledby video showing unmasked officers forcibly removing masked subway commuter

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New York New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday he was "troubled" by a video showing two unmasked NYPD officers removing a masked commuter from a subway station this week, and he said he expects discipline for ...

バイデンCBPピッククリスマグナスは彼が黒人警官を差別したという主張に直面した, 人種差別的なジョークを作った

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訴訟, に戻るクレームをカバーしました 2006 そして 2007 そして最終的に拒否されました 2012 陪審員による, 民主党員や一部のバイデン政権がオフになったときに、クリス・マグナスにとって問題になる可能性があります。.

Fiance of hospitalized Texas deputy says the three ambushed officers ‘were a family

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Deputy Kareem Atkins was killed in the shooting and leaves behind a wife and two children. Deputies Jaquim Barthen and Garrett were shot and wounded. Richardson described the three men as "brothers." TEXAS OFFICER ...

There was a 7.2% jump in assaults on law enforcement officers in 2020, FBIは言う

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より多い 60,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted in the line of duty last year, アップ 7.2% から 2019, according to a report released Monday by the FBI. 周り 30% of the officers sustained injuries, the FBI sai...

シカゴ警察は、ワクチンの義務付け期限後の役員の休暇を制限しています, CNNアフィリエイトレポート

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シカゴの警察官がCovid-19ワクチンの状態を開示するよう求められた翌日、または賃金を失うリスクがある, 市の警察署は、役員の選択的休暇が制限されていることを通知するメモを発行しました, アコー...


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国家警察の週末に先立って, コミュニティは旗を振って、究極の犠牲を払った警官の看板と写真を持って集まった, WGGB-TVが報告しました. シアトル警察の人員配置は緊急事態を迅速に引き起こしますD ...

DC tribute to fallen law-enforcement officers draws crowd of thousands to National Mall

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より多い 4,000 members of law enforcement and their families attended the candlelight vigil, which paid tribute to 701 officers who died in the line of duty in previous years, 含む 434 で死んだ人 2019 そして 2020...

FBIのレイ長官は職務中に殺された警察官を悼む, 誓いの行動: 'いい加減にしろ’

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レイ, フォックスニュースとの独占インタビューで, 先週殺された法執行機関の3人のメンバーを悼んでいます. "この国で起こっていることは絶対的な悲劇です. いい加減にしろ," レイはフォックスに言った ...


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ローマエジプトの治安機関の4人の上級メンバーの裁判は彼らの不在で木曜日に始まった, カルテットは、学生ジュリオ・レジェニの失踪と殺人における彼らの主張された役割についての告発に直面している。.

After several attempts, wildlife officers remove tire that was around an elk’s neck for over two years

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For two years, an elk was seen with a tire around its neck. 今, after several attempts, wildlife officials have freed the animal of the rubber hindrance. The bull elk was first spotted by a Colorado Parks and Wildl...

ボディカメラのビデオはデイトンを示しています, オハイオ, 警察官が交通停止中に黒人の対麻痺の男性を車から引きずり出す

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オハイオ州の黒人の麻痺した男性が、先月末の交通機関の停車中に警察官が髪と腕で彼を車から引き抜いたことをビデオが示した後、NAACPに苦情を申し立てました. "彼らは私をに引きずりました。.

NYPD役員’ 警察のボディーカメラで捕らえられた呼吸を止めた赤ちゃんの救助

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警官は周りの医療援助の呼び出しに応答しました 8:30 午後. 10月に. 2 ブルックリンで, NYPDは言った. 事件についてのツイートで, ダーモット・シア警察長官は、警官が聞いたと述べた "赤ちゃんが呼吸していない" t以上...

Former Seattle mayoral candidate says defunding police caused exodus of officers: ‘Experiment isn’t working

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"It is terrifying," Randall told "狐 & 友達。" Randall said the experiment of defunding the police as a way to try to address the issue of police violence has not worked. He argued that the city council’s dec...

Body camera footage reveals Minneapolis police officers talking about ‘huntingcivilians during May 2020 抗議, ‘f**k these people

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Body camera footage of Minneapolis police officers' response to the protests in the days after George Floyd's death reveals officers talking about "狩猟" people as part of a response to quell the unrest. ...

NATO expels 8 members of Russian mission in Brussels alleging they are intelligence officers

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NATO has expelled eight members of the Russian mission to the alliance who they determined were "undeclared Russian intelligence officers," NATO当局によると. The move comes amid ongoing concerns about s...

Los Angeles homicide suspect killed by officers on freeway

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Jesse Medrano, 35, was fatally shot around 8:40 午前. in the Los Angeles suburb of Lynwood. The California Highway Patrol has not released many details on the shooting. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department sai...

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