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L'uomo che ha rapito un autobus pieno di bambini 1976 ufficialmente concessa la libertà condizionale

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Frederick Woods lo era 24 anni in 1976 quando lui e altri due uomini rapirono un autobus pieno di bambini nel nord della California in quello che sarebbe diventato il più grande rapimento di massa nella storia degli Stati Uniti. Adesso 70, Woods è destinato a diventare...

Parts of England officially fall into drought after months of scant rainfall

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London Large swaths of England have officially descended into drought, authorities announced Friday, following several months of low rainfall and relentless waves of extreme heat. Counties across the UK, including so...

Supreme Court officially transmits its judgment overturning Roe v. Guadare, clearing the way for state restrictions

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A month after releasing its landmark decision overturning Roe v. Guadare, the Supreme Court officially transmitted its judgment to the lower courts on Tuesday, a move that will likely trigger more state abortion restri...

lavoratori brasiliani’ Il partito nomina ufficialmente Lula candidato alla presidenza

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L'ex presidente brasiliano Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, ampiamente conosciuto come Lula, è ora ufficialmente in piedi come Partito dei Lavoratori Brasiliani (PT) candidato presidenziale, la festa ha annunciato giovedì. presidenziale del Brasile...

The GOP’s ‘Stop Eric Greitenscampaign is officially underway

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Republican concerns that Eric Greitens could cost the party a Senate seat have reached a tipping point. With the Missouri GOP Senate primary now less than 40 giorni di distanza, a new Republican group called Show Me Values...

Kevin McCarthy is officially in Donald Trump’s doghouse

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It's been a week for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. First came a piece on CNN headlined, "Frustrated with January 6 udienze, Trump turns ire toward his allies," che includeva queste righe: "'I don't understan...

As summer officially begins, millions have already suffered sweltering heat with little hope for quick relief

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Though summer officially begins on Tuesday, millions of Americans have already been buffeted by triple-digit temperatures and dangerously high heat, which is only expected to continue as a second wave of extreme hea...

PGA Tour officially suspends golfers participating in inaugural LIV Golf event

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Following the start of the inaugural LIV Golf event near London on Thursday, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan announced that all golfers playing in the breakaway series have been notified that they are suspended an...

Lakers officially announce hiring of Darvin Ham as next head coach

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The news comes a week after ESPN first reported the news, saying Ham and the Lakers had agreed to a four-year deal. Assistant coach Darvin Ham of the Milwaukee Bucks before Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Confer...

Frank Gore officially retires with 49ers after 16 seasons in NFL

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Di giovedì, the 49ers announced that Gore signed a one-day contract to retire with the team, officially ending an NFL career that saw him total exactly 16,000 cantieri veloci. Gore will also be the 31st inductee into...

Jen Psaki si unisce ufficialmente a MSNBC, ospiterà uno spettacolo in streaming e assisterà con la copertura elettorale

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Psaki ha concluso il suo incarico di addetta stampa del presidente Biden all'inizio di questo mese. Il suo programma di streaming dovrebbe debuttare nel primo trimestre di 2023, and she will appear on MSNBC’s special election programmin...

Al di sopra di 100,000 people officially missing or disappeared in Mexico

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Mexico has officially registered more than 100,000 people as missing or disappeared, according to data from the Interior Ministry's National Registry of Missing People. A partire dal 1964 to the present day, the country has ...

EPA officially reinstates California’s authority to craft its own vehicle emissions standards

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The Environmental Protection Agency has restored California's authority to implement its own greenhouse gas emission standards and zero-emission vehicle sales mandates, ha annunciato l'agenzia mercoledì. It is also all...

febbraio 23 is officially known as Ahmaud Arbery Day in Georgia and across the US, many continue to honor his memory with a 2.23-mile run advocating for racial equality

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Two years ago people around the world pledged to jog, walk or run 2.23 miglia, symbolic of the day Georgia man, Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while running February 23, 2020. Oggi, many of those are doing it again ...

Super Bowl 2022 [object Window], [object Window]’ [object Window]: [object Window]’

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Lo spettacolo dell'intervallo del Super Bowl ha portato tutto il calore dell'hip-hop. [object Window] "[object Window]" [object Window] "Lo spettacolo dell'intervallo del Super Bowl ha portato tutto il calore dell'hip-hop" dopo. 50 [object Window] "In Da Club." Maria J. [object Window].

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady officially announces retirement from NFL

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Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady officially announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday. Il 44enne, arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, announced the news on social media. "I have a...