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2 dood in Nebraska na 'n skietery op 'n Sonic Drive-In, amptenare sê

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Twee mense is dood en twee ander gewond ná 'n skietery Saterdagaand in 'n Sonic Drive-In in Bellevue, Nebraska, polisie gesê. 'N Verdagte is in aanhouding, volgens 'n verklaring van die Bellevue-polisiekantoor..

Officials are searching for the pilot of an F-16 military plane that crashed in Michigan

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A military plane assigned to the Wisconsin Air National Guard crashed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and officials are searching for the lone pilot on board. The aircraft, a F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed around 8 p....

3 officers were hurt in an explosion in Wichita while searching a vacant home, amptenare sê

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Three Wichita, Kansas, police officers were injured in a possible explosion Saturday while responding to a call at a vacant home, owerhede gesê. "Net na 4:00 officers were dispatched to check a vacant residen...

Sy. Paul: Health officials ‘can’t stand good newsabout pandemic because ‘they are big government people

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PAUL: Here's the thing about Dr. Fauci. When they can prove something is a real problem, let's consider a mandate. The last time he [Dr. Fauci] had the pushback with me, hy het gesê, "What about the variants? You may hav...

DeSantis defends controversial vaccine deal with developerand threatens to pull vaccines if officials don’t like it

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Florida's Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened to move a pop-up vaccination clinic that his state has set up in an affluent community in Manatee County after he was confronted with allegations of political fa...

Brasiliaanse amptenare is ses dae vantevore gewaarsku oor 'n dreigende suurstofkrisis in Manaus

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Plaaslike en federale amptenare in Brasilië is gewaarsku oor dreigende suurstoftekorte byna 'n week voordat die krisis in die stad Manaus plaasgevind het, het die land se prokureur-generaal onthul. In 'n land wat reeds swaar getref is deur ...

Two former Trump officials to be investigated for posting papers denying climate change

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The Commerce Department's Office of Inspector General said it will investigate how two former Trump officials posted dubious papers questioning man-made climate change using government logos but without the approval...

Three skiers presumed dead from a Colorado avalanche are identified as local officials

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The three missing skiers caught in a large avalanche in Colorado on Monday have been identified and are presumed dead, according to a joint statement from Eagle County and the Town of Eagle, Colorado. "While an offi...

Nashville-amptenare het ondersoek ingestel na 'n godsdienstige konsert wat nie 'n permit gehad het nie en duisende sonder maskers getrek het

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Gesondheidsamptenare in Nashville, Tennessee, ondersoek 'n godsdienstige konsert in die buitelug wat Sondag sonder vergunning in die middestad plaasgevind het en het groot skares mense gelok wat nie maskers aangehad het nie. "Ons ha...

Supreme Court allows 3 Muslims put on no-fly list to seek damages against federal officials

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The Supreme Court on Thursday allowed three Muslims who had been placed on no-fly lists to sue for financial damages against FBI officials under a federal law meant to protect religious liberty. Writing for an 8-0 ...

Trump campaign grills election officials about veracity of mail-in voting

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President Donald Trump's campaign team is bombarding local election officials in swing states, digging for details on vote-counting and gearing up for a potential legal fight over mail-in ballots. In an effort that...

DOJ review finds officials used ‘poor judgementin Epstein deal

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A Department of Justice review found that Alex Acosta, President Donald Trump's former Labor Secretary, exercised poor judgment when he was a US attorney in Florida and agreed to a nonprosecution agreement with sex ...

Michiganders urged to stay indoors as officials race to stop the spread of a dangerous mosquito-borne disease

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Not only are Michigan health officials dealing with the coronavirus, but they're also trying to contain the spread of a rare mosquito-borne disease. Authorities are urging people to stay indoors after dark and prote...

Big Ten officials to vote on whether to reverse course and hold an abbreviated fall college sports season

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Big Ten Conference presidents and chancellors are expected to vote on whether to reverse course and proceed with an abbreviated fall college football season, an official familiar with the discussions tells CNN. Afte...

Amptenare van die Withuis en Detroit poog om uitval te beperk nadat die burgemeester Johnson aanvanklik van die hand gewys het & Johnson-entstof

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Amptenare van die Withuis en Detroit het probeer om die uitval te beperk nadat Mike Duggan, burgemeester van Detroit, aanvanklik nie die verspreiding van Johnson wou aanvaar nie. & Johnson Covid-19-entstof. Die skuif is in stryd met die federale gesondheid..

Tacoma-polisiebeampte ry deur skare, ten minste een persoon beseer, amptenare sê

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'N Tacoma, Washington, polisiebeampte word ondersoek nadat hy met sy voertuig in 'n skare vasgery het, om ten minste een persoon aan te hardloop en moontlik ander te slaan, volgens 'n persverklaring van die Tacoma-polisie ...

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