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Canada Olympian Penny Oleksiak sends message to ‘WOAThigh school teacher who doubted her

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The 21-year-old is one of the most decorated Canadian Olympic athletes and with that came a message to her high school teacher on Tuesday. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . "I just googled ‘Canada’s most dec...

Depression drove her close to suicide. Ahora, Olympian Raven Saunders wants to ‘destigmatize mental health

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It was January 26, 2018 when Raven Saunders hit rock bottom. Since returning from the 2016 Rio Olympics, her mental health had spiraled; sitting at the wheel of her car, her mind was now drawn to a dark place from ...

Clay Travis on US Olympian turning back on flag: Athletes ‘looking for their Colin Kaepernick payday

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GWEN BERRY REGRESA A LA BANDERA DE ESTADOS UNIDOS DURANTE EL HIMNO NACIONAL EN LOS JUICIOS OLÍMPICOS, SAYS SHE WAS 'SET-UP' CLAY TRAVIS: Since when is winning a medal while representing your country and having the national anthem play a ‘setup...

Swiatek, daughter of an Olympian, wins Tokyo tennis opener

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Her focus was on sharp display in a 6-2, 6-2 win over 172nd-ranked Mona Barthel in the opening match on Center Court of the Olympic tennis tournament Saturday. Swiatek, who became the first Polish player to win a Gra...

US Olympian Jagger Eaton baffles fans as he skates with AirPods in ear

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Eaton, an American, won the bronze medal in the men’s street competition. Olympic fans appeared to marvel more at Eaton skating with his AirPods in his ears than the actual tricks. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA..

US Olympian Sakura Kokumai reveals she was target of angry rant at California park

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Kokumai, 28, wrote about her experience in Orange. She posted several videos of a man yelling and screaming at her and threatening to "f--k you up." Kokumai wrote about the incident in a lengthy Instagram post. HACER CLIC...

Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings says she didn’t wear mask to store in ‘exercise of being brave

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Three-time Olympic volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings took to social media to take a stand against wearing masks. Jennings, who is one of the most dominant volleyball players to ever compete, posted on In...

Gwen Berry, olímpico de EE. UU., patrocinado por "desfinanciar a la policía’ defensores

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Color de cambio, que ha patrocinado a Berry desde septiembre pasado y la financiará hasta fin de año, la aplaudió "liderazgo" el martes en medio de la reacción en curso. ANTIGUO GUARDABOSQUES DEL EJÉRCITO, JUGADOR DE LA NFL: 'HACE...

Israel Olympian apologizes for TikTok bed video: ‘We meant no disrespect

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The bed, which had been facetiously deemed the anti-sex bed before the Games officially kicked off, was made of recyclable cardboard and drew the ire of some Olympians. About nine Israeli baseball players were seen o...

Taylor Swift and Olympian Simone Biles exchange messages of support on Twitter

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"I’m crying. how special. I love you @taylorswift13," Bilis, 24, tweeted in response to the emotional ad, which featured the Grammy winner detailing her admiration for the gymnast she calls a "hero." "I cried watchin...

Quinn: First out trans Olympian isn’t just thinking about medals at Tokyo 2020 — ‘The fight isn’t close to over

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A gold medal is the ambition, but Quinn has already made history at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by becoming the first trans and the first non-binary athlete to win a medal. Canada will face Sweden in the women's fo...

Former Olympian says Trans weightlifter competing in women’s category at Olympics ‘sets dangerous precedent

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"I think it's a really dangerous precedent that has been set for women’s sports," Save Women’s Sports Australasia spokesperson Lorraine Moller told "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos," explaining that men have a "biological advanta...

Slain Kenyan Olympian Agnes Tirop buried in her home village

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Nandi County, KenyaSlain long-distance Olympic runner Agnes Tirop, a rising star in Kenya's highly competitive athletics scene, was buried on Saturday at a funeral attended by over 1,000 mourners. Tirop was found sta...

Olympian Sydney McLaughlin reveals one key in her gold medal victory: No social media

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McLaughlin’s only interactions on Twitter before Thursday were a few retweets from her cover story with L’Officiel USA. En Instagram, she posted the same L’Officiel cover and a video promoting the Jonas Brothers maki...

Belarus Olympian to go on hunger strike as political protest

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Andrei Krauchanka, who medaled in the decathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing, said Friday that he also is selling his European indoor decathlon gold medal from 2011 to help the families of political prisoners. Protes...

Canadian Olympian Kim Gaucher in predicament over Tokyo’s strict no-fan rules

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Gaucher said in an Instagram video she is still breastfeeding her daughter, who she gave birth to in March, and the stringent rules around the Olympics this year is essentially putting her Olympic career at risk. CLI ...

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