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Ufficiale del Missouri ucciso dopo essere stato colpito da un'auto di pattuglia in uno strano incidente in servizio

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chiudi Titoli principali dei video per dicembre 7 A Missouri police officer has died after responding to a traffic stop where he was struck by a patrol car from another police department in a freak accident, accordin ...

San Francisco officer is charged with on-duty homicide. The DA says it’s a first

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A former San Francisco Police officer was charged with homicide Monday in connection with a 2017 on-duty shooting. The city's district attorney's office said in a news release that it believes this is the first time...

A California US Forest Service police dog survives second on-duty stabbing in 4 anni

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chiudi Titoli principali dei video per settembre 5 Four years after being stabbed on the job, a hero U.S. Forest Service police dog in California has survived a second on-duty knife attack. Both times, Ice refused...