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OPEC and Russia will pump more oil in January despite price plunge

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Londres (CNN Business)Saudi Arabia, Russia and other leading oil producers have decided to stick with plans to increase supply in January despite a recent plunge in prices driven by fears of a new glut. The agreement...

Asking OPEC to drill more is ‘lunacyafter being energy independent: Mike Taylor

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MIKE TAYLOR: "I don't even know where to begin to start. Here in New York, my family, we're a propane gas and heating oil company. We've been in business for over 54 years and I've never seen consumers put in the cru...

Ex trabajador de Keystone critica a WH por suplicarle a la OPEP: "Algo totalmente mal’ con el administrador de Biden

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"Allí [son] miles de familias sufriendo por ahí," Bugsy Allen dijo "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" jueves. "Hay algo que está totalmente mal con esta administración." Allen mencionó que durante los últimos meses..

US leans on Saudi Arabia over rising oil prices as OPEC meets

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Londres (CNN Business)The United States has stressed the importance of "affordable" energy to Saudi Arabia ahead of a meeting of major oil producers, which will decide whether to pump more barrels following a sharp in...