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Sue Bird, Eddy Alvarez om Amerikaanse vlag te dra tydens die Olimpiese Spele se openingseremonies

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Bird is 'n basketballegende op wêreld- en klubvlak. Sy kom al in die 2020 Speletjies met vier goue medaljes tot haar eer en is gereed vir 'n ander een hierdie somer. Bird is ook 'n viermalige WNBA-kampioen ...

Legislator says he has been threatened after security video allegedly shows him opening an Oregon Capitol building door for protesters

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Security footage released Friday shows protesters entering the Oregon Capitol last month after a Republican state legislator allegedly opened a side door and walked out. Oregon State Police have opened an investigat...

Suspected Texas gunman beaten to death with brick after opening fire at party, sê die polisie

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The violence began just before 1 am. by die 5600 block of Shiloh Drive when a partygoer became upset and left. The suspect – who was not identified – then came back with someone else and got into an argument with mu...

Legoland New York announces preview opening days this month

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The new theme park in Goshen, New York, recently announced that it will be opening for previews starting May 29. Volgens die aankondiging, fans who visit the Legoland New York Resort during the preview opening w...

Eminem served pasta to guests at his restaurant opening

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Eminem surprised guests by serving up pasta at the grand opening of his Mom's Spaghetti restaurant in downtown Detroit on Wednesday. Slim Shady himself was not expected to be there but drove up in a car and soon app...

Women’s soccer teams take a knee ahead of opening Olympic Games matches

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Five women's soccer teams took a knee ahead of their opening matches at the 2020 Summer Games. Great Britain and Chile teams took a knee on the pitch before their match, and the United States and Sweden teams knelt ...

Why Britain’s anti-immigration politicians are opening the doors to thousands of Hong Kongers

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Eighteen months ago, Malcolm was at the vanguard of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement. Full of bravado and often clad in black, the 21-year-old oversaw a group of 60 combative front-liners who embraced confrontat...

Missouri governor hits back at teachers union leader’s noncommittal answer on opening schools

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TEXAS PARENTS PUSH BACK ON SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR SPENDING $ 2M ON 'EQUITY CONSULTANTS' AS ACADEMICS LAG MIKE PARSON: There is nothing to talk about [met] ‘trying’ to get kids in school; They need to be in school. Tha ...

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry announce they’re opening a relief center in India amid coronavirus crisis

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Op Woensdag, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced on their Archewell website plans to build a Community Relief Center in Mumbai, Indië, through their partnership with World Central Kitchen. "Nou dadelik, COVID-19 ...

Rogers, Stephens win opening matches at Indian Wells

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Rogers and Stephens were joined by fellow American Madison Keys in advancing. Keys beat Kaia Kanepi, 6-0, 7-5. Stephens won seven of 18 break points She raced to a 5-0 lead in the third set before Watson held, then s...

Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke

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Organizing committee president Seiko Hashimoto said a day ahead of the opening ceremony that director Kentaro Kobayashi has been dismissed. He was accused of using a joke about the Holocaust in his comedy act, includ...

Biden-administrasie oorweeg dit om bykomende tentfasiliteite in Arizona te open te midde van die toestroming van migrante

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Die Biden-administrasie oorweeg dit om addisionele tydelike grensgeriewe in Arizona te open om die toestroming van migrante wat by die VS-Mexiko-grens aankom, te bestuur, die nuutste stap om kapasiteitsprobleme aan te spreek..

Kabul explosion signals opening of jihadi civil war in Afghanistan

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The ISIS-K suicide bombing marked the deadliest day for American forces in Afghanistan since August 2011. In an interview with Fox News, Christopher Harnisch, former deputy coordinator for counterterrorism at the U....

Avengers Campus preview shows off web slinging Spider-Man, Dr Strange and more ahead of opening

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After facing a significant delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland in California is preparing to open its newest land. Based on the popular Marvel superheroes and Avengers franchise, Avengers Campus is read...

Hong Kong prioritized opening to China over the rest of the world. Now it’s stuck in Covid limbo

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'N Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in die nuusbrief Intussen in China van CNN, 'n opdatering van drie keer per week wat ondersoek instel na wat u moet weet oor die opkoms van die land en hoe dit die wêreld beïnvloed. Teken hier in. Hong Kong Almo...

Anti-Olimpiese betogings wat binne die Nasionale Stadion tydens openingseremonies gehoor is

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Oor 50 betogings wat ingesamel is om die kansellasie van die Olimpiese Spele te eis weens die voortslepende koronaviruspandemie. Die betogers het aanvanklik buite die Tokyo Metropolitan Government-gebou bymekaargekom, dreunsang "nee vir die Ol...

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