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'F9’ puts charge back into movie theaters with $70M opening

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Die negende aflewering in die "Vinnig & Woedend" franchise, starring franchise regulars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, opened only in theaters and had the widest release of any movie since the start of the coron...

‘Hawkeye’ mis die punt met 'n opening wat daarop gemik is om Kate Bishop bekend te stel

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Marvel het dalk een keer te gereeld in sy pylkoker gekom "Hawkeye," ten minste gebaseer op die eerste twee episodes, wat 'n stadige begin bied wat meer na die karakter van Kate Bishop gekantel is as die titulêre Clint Bart..

‘World’s largest’ White Castle opening in Orlando next week

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The fast food chain’s Orlando location – which is also the "largest free-standing White Castle in the world" – will open on Monday, Mei 3, by 8 am. Aside from being the largest White Castle, it will also be the fast...

2021 Emmys: Cedric the Entertainer roasts the British royal family, 'Gevaar!’ and more in opening monologue

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He was joined by fellow actors LL Cool J, Mandy Moore, Brendan Hunt, Tracee Ellis Ross, Billy Porter, Rita Wilson, and more who all contributed a verse. Later he returned to the stage to deliver his monologue and po...

49ers’ Trenton Cannon taken off the field in ambulance after injury on opening kickoff

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On the opening kickoff, Cannon tried to make a tackle on Seahawks player DeeJay Dallas and was injured. He was taken off the field on a backboard and immediately placed into the back of an ambulance. The 49ers’ train...

A father is suing an Illinois police department for opening an urn containing the ashes of his daughter

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'N Springfield, Illinois, man is suing the city and six of its police officers for opening a small urn containing his daughter's ashes and allegedly "desecrating" it during a traffic stop. In his lawsuit, Dartavius B...

ACC wide open after league’s disappointing opening week

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Its three preseason ranked teams all lost as the league went 7-7, a dent to a conference eager to show it's more than just Clemson at the top. The Tigers, who started at No. 3, fell to No. 2 Georgië 10-3. North Carol...

Anti-Olimpiese betogings wat binne die Nasionale Stadion tydens openingseremonies gehoor is

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Oor 50 betogings wat ingesamel is om die kansellasie van die Olimpiese Spele te eis weens die voortslepende koronaviruspandemie. Die betogers het aanvanklik buite die Tokyo Metropolitan Government-gebou bymekaargekom, dreunsang "nee vir die Ol...

Avengers Campus preview shows off web slinging Spider-Man, Dr Strange and more ahead of opening

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After facing a significant delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland in California is preparing to open its newest land. Based on the popular Marvel superheroes and Avengers franchise, Avengers Campus is read...

Biden-administrasie oorweeg dit om bykomende tentfasiliteite in Arizona te open te midde van die toestroming van migrante

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Die Biden-administrasie oorweeg dit om addisionele tydelike grensgeriewe in Arizona te open om die toestroming van migrante wat by die VS-Mexiko-grens aankom, te bestuur, die nuutste stap om kapasiteitsprobleme aan te spreek..

Capitol Police opening up new offices in Florida, California to handle threats to Congress

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The first announced two field offices will open in California and Florida, with additional states expected in the "near future," acting USCP Chief Yogananda Pittman said in a statement Tuesday. FENCE SURROUNDING US C...

Edwards gee Wolves energie in die opening 124-106 wen oor Rockets

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Karl-Anthony Towns het die pad gelei met 30 punte en 10 rebounds, D'Angelo Russell bygevoeg 22 punte en sewe assists, en die Timberwolves was van begin tot einde in beheer. Christian Wood gehad het 16 punte en nege rebo...

Eminem served pasta to guests at his restaurant opening

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Eminem surprised guests by serving up pasta at the grand opening of his Mom's Spaghetti restaurant in downtown Detroit on Wednesday. Slim Shady himself was not expected to be there but drove up in a car and soon app...

Excessive rainfall forces Texas dam opening, voluntary evacuations

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The Brazos River Authority said Monday that the gate had been opened for a release of about 28,400 cubic feet of water per second. NASIONALE WEERVOORSPELLING: SOUTH FACES FLOODING THREAT AS HEAVY RAIN, STORMS CONTINUE...

Georgia police release video of suspect opening fire on officers during chase

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The video shows a patrol car carrying two deputies speeding toward the location where a police officer had been shot multiple times inside his cruiser early Monday. When the deputies reach the stopped police vehicle,...

Hier is 5 countries that are opening up and living with Covid

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London More than 18 months into the coronavirus pandemic, a number of countries have decided it's time to open up and adopt a "living with Covid" model. Some have enviable vaccination rates; others have decided that...

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